Monday, October 31, 2011

Free pattern day ! Redwork (part 1)

Embroidery is red hot, and many artists and designers are combining embroidery with quilting. Here are some inspiring free designs for Redwork (embroidery with red thread on a white or off-white background). If you aren't already an aficionado, perhaps these patterns will change your mind.  Note: This post was updated on February 7, 2015.

St. Joseph in redwork, free embroidery pattern by Monica Solorio-Snow at the Happy Zombie

Redwork Birdie Stitches embroidery by Starwood Quilter, based on the free Birdie Stitches block-of-the-month patterns at Coriander Quilts

Bee it ever so humble by Kaaren Johnston at The Painted Quilt (Nova Scotia)

Alice in Wonderland free patterns by Ruthann Zaroff at Mirkwood Designs

We've always loved Alice in Wonderland and we've admired Ruthann Zaroff's work for ages, so we were excited to find her free redwork patterns - including many Alice characters - on her projects page.  At Mirkwood Designs you can find Ruthann's Adventures in Creativity podcasts, recipes and so much more.

Dog embroidery, free patterns by Wendy Vosters (Netherlands)

Wendy Vosters is a teacher, paper-piecing expert and author of Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts.  These cute redwork patterns are portraits of her own dogs.

Sleepytime girl, hand embroidery tutorial by Juby Sarah Roxy at Rocksea

At her website, Rocksea, you can find articles and lessons explaining many different embroidery stitches.

Redwork alphabet A-Z and Redwork Chicken Weathervane and Laurel Wreath with Bird by Cheryl C. Fall for

Nasturtiums pillow, free redwork pattern by Alex Anderson at Alex Anderson Quilts


Friends at my Garden Gate, free redwork embroidery patterns by Betty Alderman for AQS at Quilt Views (includes free squirrel, mouse, bird duck, bunny, turtle, butterfly, frog, and garden gate patterns)

And there's more..... see Part 2 of free Redwork projects !

Image credits:  All images are copyrighted by their owners.  Please respect their generosity in sharing their free patterns, and the restrictions they have placed on the use of these designs. Complete information can be found at the designers' websites provided in the links.  If any links are broken, we'd love to know; email us at Quilt Inspiration.


  1. I love redwork and I'm thrilled it's coming back into fashion. I think there is nothing more charming than a redwork baby blanket. Now to brush up on the embroidery skills I learned as a young girl. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Thank-you for the spotlight on my Redwork designs and the link back to my Blog.
    It's much appreciated.
    Bronwyn ...


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