Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The music and light of angels

Thomas Carlyle once said: "Music is well said to be the speech of angels."  Jewish tradition says that angels constantly sing songs of praise to God, singing in shifts so that angelic songs go to God at all times of each day and night. Many famous Christmas carols have been written about the Bible’s account of a multitude of angels appearing in the sky over Bethlehem to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Also, some of the most beautiful images of angels come from stained glass windows in churches around the world.   In keeping with these traditions, here are some beautiful quilts that look exactly like stained glass windows.

Angel of Light, approx, 28 x 35", by Ravenwood Designs (Alberta, Canada) as seen at Quilters Treasure

New Dawn, 29 x 36", by Joan Bouwmeester and Debbie Bouwmeester-Fasek at Three Swans Studios

Angel with Harp, 30 x 41", by Joan Bouwmeester and Debbie Bouwmeester-Fasek at Three Swans Studio

The Angel 14.5 x 20.5" by Ursula Riegel at Designs to Share with You, wall hanging kit at Creative Quilt Kits

Image credits: Ravenwood Designs is based in Alberta, Canada and their patterns are sold exclusively through Quilter's Treasure.
Three Swans Studios is comprised of two sisters – Joan Bouwmeester and Debbie Bouwmeester-Fasek – who reside and work in different parts of Canada: Ottowa, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.
Designs to Share with You is Ursula Riegel's creative pattern line based in Victoria, B.C., Canada. We previously featured her Advent Calendar Angel in our series on Christmas Around the World.


  1. Thank you for posting all these lovelies on a daily basis Everything is lovely to look at and inspires me to keep at. I appreciate your free patterns as well. Merry Christmas


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