Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11 : Red, white and blue quilts

Each year we commemorate September 11, 2001 with quilts to remind us of those who were lost, their families, and the freedoms we cherish.  Today we are sharing a wonderful variety of red, white and blue quilts from our post archives.

Waves 1, by Beth Carney, at Beth Carney Studio

"I looked out my window and saw the candles flickering as flags waved in the wind. Our colors were standing strong and proud. Wave after wave." ~Beth Ann Carney.  This quilt was included in the book, America from the Heart: Quilters Remember September 11 2001.

The Freedom Quilt Experience, commissioned by The Peter A. Kudla Family Foundation, designed by Cynthia Martin, quilted by A Better Quilt Inc.

The installation was made from ten unique quilt panels which form a display 16 feet high and nearly 30 feet wide. The two center panels mimic the two shafts of light representing the Twin Towers. Each panel was designed and sewn together by a different individual or quilt guild.

New Tears by Kim Ritter at Kim

"New Tears" by Kim Ritter was published in the book America from the Heart: Quilters Remember September 11, 2001.

Scarlet and Indigo by Judy Mathieson

"Scarlet and Indigo", which was made for the AAQI World Series Challenge, is a small version of a portion of a quilt called "Cinnabar and Indigo" by Judy Mathieson.

Red, white and blue, 24 x 32", by Marina Lynn at Quilt Inspiration

This project, made with cyanotype stars and batik fabrics, was inspired by an antique commissioning pennant.

Celebration of Freedom  by Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times

Made in 2005, "Celebration of Freedom" became the focal point of an auction by The Defense Credit Union Council, with the proceeds going towards the Pentagon Memorial Fund.

Attic windows - a Soldier's Quilt, 42 x 56, by Darlene Douglass at Douglass Arts

"Attic Windows - A Soldier’s Quilt" was machine pieced by Darlene Douglass and quilted by Sandy Henricks of Sun City Quilters. The quilt was presented to a wounded soldier at Ft. Hood, Texas, in April 2008.


  1. Thanks for sharing these inspiring quilts. I usually avoid 9/11 tributes, but these are really beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your post. Every year it feels like it just happened. We must never forget.

  3. I was listening to some of the 9/11 speeches on CNN before heading off to bed, and was interested to hear passionate descriptions of the quilters and quilts that the event brought forward. How rewarding to hear that all these years later, the work of those quilters is valued.


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