Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Halloween quilts: Don't Drink and Fly

Here is some sound advice, by Holly Mabutas at Eat Cake Graphics.

Witch Hazel is not having a very good evening. According to the quilt caption, Hazel was distracted either by her iced Venti® nonfat seven pump sugar free vanilla latte, or, her last text message to her sweetie. In any case, Hazel can say 'bye-bye' to her cell phone, jack-o-lantern, and lipstick (and the wart remover cream) !

At Eat Cake Graphics, Holly Mabutas has created a line of truly original quilt patterns that are reflections on everyday life, such as Windy Wintery Day, Yahoo Kitty,  and Finding the Right Tree.  On a more serious front, we love the embroidered message in To the World, below.

To the World, 33 x 41", by Holly Mabutas at Eat Cake Graphics

You can read about "To the World" at Holly's blog, Sprinkles of Thought, and obtain the pattern at Eat Cake Graphics.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Holly Mabutas at Eat Cake Graphics. She has created over 600 original, whimsical images on rubber stamps. Using images from her stamp line for inspiration, in 2006 she added quilt patterns.

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  1. Those are both so cute. I love the borders on both. If I had wall space I could be seriously tempted.


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