Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Celebrating the Desert with Art Quilts

The Sonoran Desert is rich in species in many dimensions, including topography, creatures large and small, unusual plants, and of course cultures.  Here are examples of the Tucson Art Quilters' creativity in response to their 2022 "Desert Diversity" challenge.

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Hopi Dancer by Genevieve Guadalupe

Hopi Dancer is a an artful representation of Kokopelli, symbolizing fertility, music, merry making, and good luck. Genevieve Guadalupe used desert plants to print the monotype background. Native symbols were embroidered and represent the diversity of cultures in our desert.

I Love You Arizona by Sandy Lambert

The beauty of the desert sunset is represented by Sandy Lambert with batiks in hues of orange, violet, and turquoise, as the sun sets behind a stately saguaro cactus. This piece was beautifully hand quilted.

Picacho Poppies by Kathy Genz

Picacho Poppies by Kathy Genz is "a loose interpretation of a hike I took in 2020 at Picacho Peak State Park.  The poppies were in full bloom.  I used batiks, shibori and rust dyed fabrics, and my own hand dyed fabrics." The undulating path draws us right into this scene.  This piece was created with raw edge fused applique and was machine quilted.

Hedgehog Cactus by Sherall Donovan

Here is a great artistic depiction of a hedgehog cactus, made with fabric painting by Sherall Donovan. These plants are covered by a dense network of spines and they produce large brilliant colored blossoms that may last only a day. The hand painted scene is set into a simple ombre border.

Desert Melange by Jolene Ficklin

This desert still life represents so many wonderful elements in an artistic way. As Jolene Ficklin notes, "The plants wither in drought and revive and bloom when the rains come.  The cycle repeats and the wonder of the desert endures and enchants us... It's a medley of wonder and perseverance."

Desert Sunset by Vivian Streeter

The red rocks of the desert are exemplified in Desert Sunset by Vivian Streeter.  She says, "This fabric reminded me of Sedona and in the evening when all the critters come out for food." In the foreground you can see a roadrunner, coyote, and lizard. The spines of the saguaro cactus are rendered in sharp detail.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2022 Tucson Quilters Guild show.

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  1. Beautiful quilts. Just stunning, each and every one. Thank you.


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