Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show : Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Wine Country Quilt Show !  We loved all the quilts which we are displaying in this series; and we always enjoy reading about which ones are your favorites.

Stained Glass Flowers by Judy Kubilus

Judy says that this was a block-of-the-month project at a local quilt shop; and when she saw it, she knew that she wanted to make it.  The vibrant designs in contemporary colors give this art deco-inspired pattern a bold, modern look.

Barney by Pam McVey

Pam writes, "I've wanted to make a Barn Owl quilt since one took up residence in our backyard several years ago."  Pam provided excellent contrast in this design by providing "Barney" with his own light lavender background and border. An array of well-loved traditional Amish blocks give this quilt a warm, comfortable, homey appeal.

Penguins on Parade by Pam Brown

Pam notes, "We did a penguin for the Moonlighters Block of the Month, and I fell in love with him and decided to make the whole quilt using Laura Nownes and Diana McClun's pattern (Calling All Penguins).  Jackie Pavlicek did a fabulous job quilting it." With the icy blue and white hues surrounding the parent penguins and their young,  we can almost feel the Arctic air. Look closely, and you'll see that Jackie Pavlicek has quilted some pretty snow crystals into the background.

April by Debby Reid-Bainbridge

Debby notes, "I made the pattern for this quilt from a photo of my dog, April."  We liked the way that the black satin stitch sets off each piece of this applique, and we thought that the use of buttons for April's eyes provided such a cute touch in each of these panels. This quilt was so nicely designed, with carefully selected fabrics. 

Crazy Leaves by Ann Smith

Rich tones of russet, auburn, apricot, and pine green plus the use of a white background showcase this album quilt which provides much visual interest. Ann Smith says, "This was a mini-group challenge, but we've all finished at various times. This one challenged me with its different sized blocks and variety of of leaves. I do like how it turned out.  It graces the dining room every fall (season) now."

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

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