Friday, October 21, 2011

Pacific International Quilt Festival Part 3

Time for Part 3 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival !  All the quilts we saw were absolutely gorgeous. Let us know which ones are your favorites. We really enjoy reading your comments !

Croton Chorus, 36 x36 by Dee Goodrich, Fort Bragg, California

Dee describes her lovely creation by saying,  " I have a 2005 calendar from Hawaii with the most beautiful quilts. "Croton Chorus" is my favorite, designed by Dianna Grundhauser. I made my own paper piecing patterns and used embroidery floss in the bobbin to create veins, so I had to work off the backside of each leaf."  The careful selection of vivid bali fabrics in vibrant jewel tones, along with superb piecing and quilting is most impressive in this stunning work.

Super Star, 77 x 77, by Marilyn Badger, St. George, Utah

Blue ribbon winner for Best Machine Workmanship, Marilyn states, "This is an original design based on a paper-pieced Mariner's Star block from Claudia Myers' book "A Passion For Piecing."  Stars were interlocked and appliqued onto a pieced background. Smaller stars are pieced and appliqued at the corners. There are a total of 84 stars, including the quilted ones.  It is pieced using cottons and silks and quilted with 100 weight silk, silk sparkle, and polyester thread. The couching was done with Razzle-Dazzle. "

Close-Up of Super Star, by Marilyn Badger

Click on the photo above to "blow it up", and you will see the exquisite machine quilting in the background points of each star and in the circular border of each star. This quilting work displays a flawless focus on accuracy and artistry; the entire quilt is truly a show-stopper.  

Travels, 57 x 70", by Marlene King, Australia, at The Fabric Palette

Purple ribbon Viewers' Choice winner and Red Ribbon 2nd Place winner in the Innovative Quilts category, Marlene writes, "I decided to make a quilt using photos of my world travels. It took me a long while to come up with a format that wasn't boring. Finally, the idea of a film strip seemed the way to go."   Marlene's quilt is hand and machine appliqued, with precise, finely detailed landscape art scenes.  

Towards Infinity, 80.7 x 48.8", by Sally Scott, South Africa

Blue ribbon winner for Best Use of Color in an Innovative Quilt, the artist Sally Scott writes, "This work is about love, wholeness, unity, and peace. It refers to the infinite depths that lie within us and the infinite possibilities that lie without. "  It is made of hand-dyed string and cotton cloth, plus commercially dyed denim, corduroy, and beads. In each of the tiny squares in the center of the quilt, there is a beaded circle. Dozens of different colors and shapes of beads were used to decorate this work.

Fine Striped Tunics, 52 x 49.5", by Miriam Aronowitch,  Israel

Machine pieced and machine quilted with sparkling gold quilting thread, this quilt has both a rustic,  homespun and a glittering, elegant touch.  Miriam says, "This work describes the Spring appearance in Nature, as it was described by the 12th century famous Jewish Spanish poet, Rabbi Moshe Iben Ezra. He describes the fields as fine striped tunics.... Indeed, the fields are part of my work in the tunic and around the stripes. The blooming is a collage made partly from flowers drawn by me on cloth...and paper. 

Kona Color Waves ,60 x 58, by Angela Obeso, Santa Clara, California

Here is a striking contemporary design  that juxtaposes both pure, clear brights and toned, muted neutrals. Angela says, "This quilt is the result of the Modern Quilt Guild's Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge. This is my first design and my first solid  [colors] only quilt. It is so different from the first traditional quilt that I made ten years ago."


  1. I love that first one by Dee!! It is so 'happy'!! Thanks for the visit to a show I'll never be able to get to.

  2. Beautiful quilts! I especially love the first one, Croton Chorus.

  3. Thank you for dropping by my Blog, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Louise Mabbs feature and her Fibonacci quilts - thank you for contacting her. I will definitely check out the links you recommended. I love these quilts you have posted, Towards Infinity has to be my favourite, the colours are just gorgeous - I can see how it won Best Use of Colour. I also like Kona Color Waves, I love the clever use of colour - opposites truly do attract! I am now following you for more gorgeous 'Eye Candy'!!!

  4. By far, my favourite is Croton Chorus, followed by the Kona Colour Wave. Love your blog, btw!

  5. How very flattering that you included my quilt in your PIQF highlights! Thanks! And to be in such amazing company, I'm blushing! It inspires me to get back to my machine and start sewing some more!

  6. Love the blog. Looking for information, contact or the pattern for Marlene King, Travels quilt. I love this pattern, so beautiful. Thank you

  7. I love the travels quilt. Was looking for a way to showcase some t-shirts. Beautiful job. They are all amazing.


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