Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free pattern day! Storm-at-Sea Quilts and block diagrams

Storm at Sea uses small changes in straight angles to create an optical illusion of rounded shapes.  here are some free storm-at-sea quilt patterns!  To go to a pattern: Scroll down the page until you see the quilt you like, then click on the words "CLICK for PDF download" in the title above the quilt. Also see the FREE downloadable storm-at-sea coloring pages at the bottom of this post.

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Boussole quilt blocks, free pattern by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)  

Deep Blue Sea quilt 1 (with center panel), 61 x 73", free pattern by Heidi Pridemore for Studio E Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Deep Blue Sea quilt 2, 90 x 90", free pattern by Heidi Pridemore for Studio E Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Stormy Seas, 46 x 46", free pattern by Yolanda Fundora at Urban Amish (CLICK for PDF download)

Rainbow Waves quilt, 80 x 96", free pattern by Stacey Day for Free Spirit Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Sail Away quilt, ~48" square, free pattern by Debby Kratovil for Windham Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Tide Lines quilt, ~50 x 50", free pattern by Nan Baker for Timeless Treasures Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Coral Reef, 83 x 83", free pattern by Linda Swenson Ruble for Windham Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Making Waves quilt, 90 x 90", free paper piecing pattern by Wendy Sheppard for Hoffman Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Toes in the Water quilt, 66 x 66", free pattern by McKenna Ryan for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download

Storm at Sea quilt,~58 x 58", designed by Karen Selken for AccuQuilt, made by Kay Gentry, free pattern at AQS (CLICK for PDF download)

Deep Sea Delight quilt, free pattern by Heidi Pridemore for P&B Textiles (CLICK for PDF download)

Island Breeze quilt, 58 x 58", free pattern by Blank Quilting (CLICK for PDF download)

Storm at Sea quilt, 65 x 80", free pattern by Janice Ryan at Better Off Thread for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Wild Style Storm at Sea quilt, 50 x 50", free pattern by Teri Lucas for Marcus Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Ocean State quilt, 74 x 74",  free pattern by Heidi Pridemore at Studio E Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Fruit Salad quilt, 60 x 78", free pattern by Christine Stainbrook for Windham Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Gemstone quilt, 70 x 76", free pattern by Heidi Pridemore for Henry Glass Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Smooth Sailing quilt, free pattern by Anjeanette Klinder for Pellon (CLICK for PDF download)

Lost in the Storm quilt, 60 x 60", cathedral window storm-at-sea, free pattern by Shelley Swanland for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (CLICK for PDF download)

Storm at Sea block, free pattern by Eleanor Burns at Quilt in a Day (CLICK for PDF download)

Shine Bright baby quilt/play mat, ~32 x 32", free pattern by Stacey Yacula for Quilting Treasures (CLICK for PDF download)

About the storm-at-sea block:  The storm-at-sea block is based on a 3x3 grid.  This works out well for a 12" block, or any other size that is divisible by three.

Here is the traditional block, below, which has an elongated diamond (shown as two isosceles triangles) on the left hand side and the top :

Here is what the quilt would look like if 20 blocks were placed in a 4x5 grid (below). Note that an additional vertical row of diamonds is placed along the right side of the quilt to finish it off.  

These diagrams are fun to color, and are great for teaching kids about quilting (and geometry).  See if they can find different shapes within the grid, such as flowers, hearts, ribbons, and waves.  You can even find *stars* within the single-sashing version:

In a second variation, the diamond "sashing" is placed on all four sides of the center square, as shown below:

When this "double sashing" block is replicated, it creates a double set of waves in the design, as shown below :

You can download the block diagrams here.

For more storm-at-sea quilt inspiration, see Storm at Sea Quilts; Straight piecing patterns that appear curved; Can you believe it's a storm-at-seaDelft Storm; and Albers at Sea.

Image credits and links: This post was updated on October 3, 2023.  Block diagrams are by Quilt Inspiration. Individual images are copyrighted by their owners. Please respect their generosity in sharing their free patterns, and the restrictions they have placed on the use of these designs; complete information can be found at the designers' websites provided in the links. The photo montage shown on this page is a derivative work that is the property of Quilt Inspiration. If any links are broken, we'd love to know so we can fix it. Please email us at QuiltInspiration {at} gmail {dot} com.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilt Inspiration Classics: Art in Quilts

One of our favorite quilt patterns is Storm at Sea. We love the way that the straight seams create the appearance of waves and circles. When we caught a glimpse of this dazzling storm-at-sea quilt, it took our breath away.  Just look at the tall ship in the center, with quilts serving as sails.

On a Quilted Breeze, 87 x 109", by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild, with artwork by Dennis McGregor

 "On a Quilted Breeze" was designed around a glorious painting, by Dennis McGregor, called "Women on Board" (see the detail image below). Nan Scott cleverly integrated the artwork into the quilt by selecting the colors of the storm-at-sea blocks to match the colors in the image, so that the center panel appears to flow seamlessly into the blocks. If you look carefully at the quilt you will see a horizontal band of apricot-and-peach blocks, which match the colors on the horizon. The golden tones in some of the blocks match the colors in the clouds and sails, while the cerulean and aqua blues match the colors of the sky and topsail.  There is even a circular motif, reminiscent of the sun, in the upper right corner of the quilt.

Lisa J. Taylor at Glen Quilts did most of the quilting in both free-hand and laser-guided patterns on her Gammill longarm, with some assistance in the form of computer-guided elements by Ms. Michelle Johnson (also of the OCQG) on her Gammill longarm with Statler Stitcher.

Women on Board, 19 x 25", limited edition print, by Dennis McGregor

We'd love to climb on board this magical ship, with its flying geese, feathered stars, and other quilted sails.  Dennis McGregor, award-winning artist and singer-songwriter, makes his home in central Oregon - the home of the famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  In fact, Dennis has created many of the posters for the quilt show (and the Sisters Folk Festival.... and the Sisters Rodeo).  You can see the whole collection on his website. There also are wonderful gifts for quilters on Dennis' website, where you can find note cards, t-shirts, and even Quiltoos. Check it out, here.

Image credits: This post first appeared in August, 2011. The image of "Women on Board" is shown with the generous permission of Dennis McGregor. "On a Quilted Breeze" was designed by Nan Scott and pieced by 48 guild members of the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild. The quilting was done by Lisa Taylor and Michelle Johnson.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show Day 8

Here's the final day of the Wine Country Quilt Show from Santa Rosa, California. We've had a great time showing you a diverse collection of quilts from these excellent quilt artists.

Toucan U Can 2 by Pat Meiswinkel

Here's a quilt with a cheerful tropical theme. Two large-beaked toucan birds have made their home in the center palm tree. Fabrics of animal prints and jungle foliage surround this happy duo. Quilter Pat Meiswinkel writes,  "This was a fun quilt to quilt. It took me about 10 hours to do the freehand surface quilting designs." The pattern is "Jungle Fever" by Luella Doss and Andrea Schuster for Free Spirit Fabric.

Spring Rain by Elizabeth Marrs

Spring Rain is inspired by quilter Sharon Schlotzhauer's work, Really Wild Flowers, which won First Place in the Whimsical Art Quilts category at the 2011 Houston International Quilt Festival; it was pictured in the American Quilter magazine in November 2011. An  array of playful spring flowers awaits the arrival of giant raindrops. Notice how the diagonal quilting reinforces the raindrops' downward sense of movement and provides a cohesive effect to this eye-catching quilt. 

Poppies, Quails, and Poppies Oh My! by the Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County

The 2012 Opportunity Quilt is an homage to the Respit Quilts made by Moonlight Quilters back in the 1980's. These quilts always featured quails and California poppies (the state flower) among Sonoma County natural bounty; apple blossoms, grapevines, and wildflowers, to name a few. They were hand-appliqued and quilted by members. This quilt was designed by Gina Stateler-Calhoun and Mary Flynn. It was constructed by many members of the guild, featuring both traditional piecing and art quilt appliqued techniques. It was quilted by Ann Linville and Gina Stateler-Calhoun. We liked the handsome, stately, look of this quilt, with its deep historical meaning.

Close-Up of Poppies, Quails, and Poppies, Oh My ! 

In this center medallion, the grape leaves are attached in such a way that they "float" one or two inches about the quilt surface, giving a three-dimensional look of a grape arbor fluttering in the breeze.You can see the quail birds and the golden poppies at the base of the grapevine. The variegated earth tones pay homage to the natural surroundings of the town of Santa Rosa, which lies in a rich agricultural area, blessed with fertile soil.

Keith's Turkey by Ellen Cooper, exhibited by Elizabeth McDonnell

Elizabeth McDowell writes," My husband, Keith, made friends with a wild turkey that hung around our house. It would follow Keith around [when he was outside]. Unfortunately, a bobcat captured and killed the turkey on our back patio last year. Ellen Cooper made this quilt as a Christmas gift to remind us of Keith and his friend." 

Preserved by Jim Haws 

Jim Haws writes simply "A collection of life items."  He has chosen a clever selection of interesting novelty print fabrics to show various items worth gathering together in groups.  The muted background provides an excellent contrast for these colorful jars.

Image credits:  Photos are by Quilt Inspiration.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Q.I. Classics: a Father's Day Quilt

The tie has achieved notoriety as the traditional Father's Day gift to Dad from his family. However, some quilt artists have turned neckties into brilliant works of art. Here is a quilt that reminds us of an ornate tapestry.

Father's Day 1976, by Bette Haddon, at Studio ArtQuilts

The quilt was created by Bette Haddon, an award-winning quilt artist who lives in beautiful DeFuniak Springs, Florida. She used whole ties along with tie tips, labels, and buttons, to create a highly textured surface (we counted over 200 buttons and labels).

Image credits:  This post first appeared at Quilt Inspiration on June 14, 2011. The quilt is shown with the generous permission of Bette Haddon.  For more quilts made from neckties, see All Tied Up ! Quilts Made from Neckties.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show - Day 7

Here are more great quilts from Santa Rosa, California. The guilds around this medium size town 50 miles north of San Francisco contain many talented and prolific quilters.

Hawaiian Fish by Carroll Hirsch

We wanted to pack our bags and head straight for the islands, after seeing these really fun, vibrantly colored appliqued fish swimming around, surrounded by royal blue sashing. Carroll Hirsch says, "Going into a fabric store on Kauai, buying a stack of cut fabric for the fish and a Beyond the Reef pattern [designed by Natalie Barnes] started my journey into quilting."

Flowers by Natalie Polin

Natalie Polin says, "Japanese pattern from a class taught by Judy Bianchi at Fabrications in Healdsburg, California. Most of the fabrics are from Japan, collected in a visit to Japan. The cheerful, bright nine patch border make the cinnamon red, chambray blue, and soft gray blocks really sparkle.

Red, White, and Blue Farmer's Sampler by Marilyn Drew

An eye-catching giant sampler, this quilt contains so many fascinating designs. It's like looking through a huge scrapbook of interesting patterns. Marilyn Drew writes, "This is from the Farmer's Wife sampler book."

Tree of Paradise by D.J. Berger

Here's a precisely pieced quilt that shows excellent workmanship of the Amish pine tree pattern. The creative sawtooth border replicates the the tree tops and adds a very cohesive effect. D.J. Berger says, "Fell in love with the border fabric and lucky to find a soft yellow background at the same shop in Lakeport. Quilting pattern is taken from Islamic Art." 

Iowa Barn 3:1946 by Pam Pilcher

This architectural theme quilt is actually four separate panels held together by steel hinges. We thought it was one of the most unique and innovative works at the quilt show.  Pam Pilcher writes, " The Pilcher barn in its red paint days, stands near Lawton, Iowa. These photos, scanned and printed on fabric, were taken in 1946, with the working team  [of horses] Mike and Pete pulling a wagon out front. The  [image made from] rubbing the hinge on the top board is one that was removed from a door when the farm was sold in 1978. Barn Board fabric was painted and rubbed with Setacolor and Shiva Paint Sticks.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show Day 6

Come along and wander around the Wine Country Quilt Show with us for Day 6 and some pretty color combinations. As a wise quilter once said, "Quilt shows are like a box of chocolates !  You never know what you're gonna get......"

Indigo Manor by Louisa Otis

Louisa says,  The pattern for this quilt, called Meet Me At the Manor, appeared in Quiltmaker Magazine in 2010-2011. The clear, restful blue monochromatic hues combined with the lively border of traditional pinwheels and stars, provide a charming effect for this delightful quilt.

California Stars by D.J. Berger

D.J. Berger writes, "The California Star pattern is an intricate feather star pattern with a double 9 patch center. I enjoyed using representational fabrics which show the complexity of California within the complex star. California is an incredible state, from lava flows in the north, through amazing agricultural areas to surfing and colors of Death Valley...."  If you look at the center block, you will see Yosemite National Park with its famous El Capitan rock and a waterfall in the distance. The vivid combination of landscape scenes and advanced patchwork comprises a challenging project that turned out beautifully.

Jeweled Stars by Ellindale Wells

From the Shining Stars pattern by Beth Cameron for The Rabbit Factory, this quilt uses half-square triangles to produce very intriguing three-dimensional shapes. The design is so versatile that it can be made  with contemporary vibrant batiks, Civil War burgundies, indigos, and taupes, or retro 1930's tiny prints. Ellindale Wells states, "I kept seeing this pattern in a catalog, finally ordered it, and spent several years gathering fabrics and making a block now and then. Eventually it was completed and is our cheerful bed quilt."

Geisha in the Garden, made by Terry Breazeale, exhibited by Joanne Thomas

Joanne Thomas writes, "This beautifully designed and sewn quilt by Terry Breazeale was a gift to me as our "Bad Girls Quilt Too"  2011 Christmas gift exchange. I am  grateful to receive this fabulous quilt from a wonderful friend."  Terry's beautiful applique work and quilting skills make this lovely quilt very special.

Weird Cats by Marilyn Bruce

Hung high above our heads was this adorable quilt of whimsical appliqued cats, obviously thinking about getting into trouble, as cats will do !  The unique, colorful sashing and border treatment create an eye-catching, high contrast effect. Marilyn says that she made "Weird Cats" as a gift to donate to the Humane Society.  (Note: the Fancy Cats fabric by Makower UK is out of print but can sometimes be found on Etsy or Ebay).

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show Day 5

Let's take a look at some more fun quilts at the Wine Country Quilt Show in Santa Rosa, California !

Fly Me to the Moon by Genelle Voorhees

Genelle writes that this quilt was made at a Bishop's Ranch quilting retreat sponsored by The Material Girl. The celestial effect of this quilt is enhanced by the background fabric which resembles the starry heavens as seen through a powerful telescope.

Sapphire Village by Donna Huckaby

Donna says, " I have always admired house block quilts. This year, I decided to make my own. I made most of the houses and the many trees at the Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County retreat at Walker Creek Ranch. I had a marvelous time and love this quilt. "  We too, love quilts with house blocks, as they always seem so "homey" and cheerful.  Donna has done an excellent job of selecting monochromatic blue fabrics which provide a cohesive and organized look to this cute quilt. 

Double Wedding Ring by Sandra Wasson

Sandra Wasson says,  "This quilt was made with love for my son and daughter-in-law for their wedding day, June 10, 2011."  Sandra updated this traditional, popular design by adding a contemporary border of four-patch green, blue, and pink blocks. 

Four Teapots by Linda Morand

Linda writes, "From my Asian teapots series which was displayed at Moshin Vineyards Tasting Room." The four teapots each appear to be appliqued to a pieced background of muted colors. They provide a soothing, serene aspect to this quilt, much like a Japanese tea ceremony. 

Roxie by Carol Deards

Carol Deards says, "Raw edge applique portrait designed from a photograph. Created from commercial cotton fabrics. Satin stitched to add detail." Carol did a great job on this lifelike depiction of her dog's facial features, especially Roxie's eyes and ears.

Image credits:  photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.
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