Friday, March 11, 2011

Storm-at-sea quilt wrapup

Here are some gorgeous storm-at-sea quilts we've shown at Quilt Inspiration. We are so fascinated by the design possibilities of this block !  For free downloadable block diagrams and free storm-at-sea patterns, please see our updated post:  Storm at Sea Quilts and Free Block Diagrams.
Eye of the Storm, Heart of the Storm, Summerfest Garden, Oceana, Delft Storm, and Albers at Sea

Row 1:  Eye of the Storm by Peggy Martin, at Peggy Martin Quilts; Heart of the Storm, by John Flynn, at Flynn QuiltRow 2: Summerfest Garden, by Joen Wolfrom; Oceana, by Linda Jean Peterson at Cape Cod Art Studio. Row 3:  Delft Storm, by Ionne McCauley, at Ionne Quilts; Albers at Sea, by Debra Levin at the Empire Quilters Guild.

Image credits: Images are shown with the generous permission of the designers.


  1. Thanks for breaking the block down. I love these quilts but was not sure what the actual block looked like.

  2. Very nice! The explanation of the block and your link to the diagrams is great. Nice addition to your blog.


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