Monday, November 14, 2011

Free pattern day: Christmas part 1

In 2010 we published 12 days of Christmas Trees, which revealed just how many variations of trees are possible.  Here are some fantastic free patterns and tutorials for Christmas Tree quilts.  After all, quilted trees are "green" (reusable) and they take up far less space than a real tree ! Note: This post was updated on July 6, 2015.  For the latest patterns, see Free pattern day: Christmas 2015 (part 1).


  1. What a wonderful variety!

    I never heard of chalkboard fabric. How cool - my daughter would love it :)

  2. Another wonderful post! Thanks for sharing Sweet Sue!

  3. Marina y Daryl: Qué hermosas ideas!!! Visito una y otra vez el Blog, y con ayuda del traductor he leido que se dedican a esto de los quilts ademas de haber estudiado mucho en otros campos. Yo he descubierto este mundo hace pocos años y estoy realmente maravillada. Quiero agradecerles todas las publicaciones que son realmente inspiradors, y enviarles un saludo cariñoso desde Argentina. Besos!!!

  4. I love the christmas tree ideas, thanks for putting these together like this.


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