Friday, January 6, 2012

Snow, ice and starry nights in quilts

Winter brings to mind snow, ice, and deep starry nights. Some parts of the world have already seen snow this year, while others will soon be watching snowy white flakes drift from the sky. You may have heard that no two snowflakes are alike, but did you know that snowflakes can have one of about 35 different shapes? And did you also know that there are many ways of depicting snowflakes in fabric? Join us as we take a look at some sparkling winter quilts and interesting techniques.

Flurries, 30 x 52", by Cheryl Wittmayer at Sew Be It (Montana)

This elegant wall hanging brings a wintry day to mind with a flurry of wind and a handful of snowflakes done in white and shades of gray. We love the cool colors. In her description of the "Flurries" pattern, Cheryl says: "Now you can treat yourself to a crisp, wintery blast without snow-blowing the driveway in a blizzard!" The simple elements are applied with fusible applique with cotton or wool felt. And if you're feeling nostalgic, embellish with Swarovski crystals.

Cheryl Wittmayer makes her home in beautiful Billings, Montana which has 205 sunny days per year... along with 57 inches of snow.

Image credits:  The image is shown with the generous permission of Cheryl Wittmayer. Many of her quilting patterns have won awards at art, fiber, and quilt shows.  Her extensive line of easy and artistic patterns can be found online at Sew Be It.

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