Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quilts to warm a winter day: Antelope Canyon

Here's a quilt from the Houston International Quilt Festival  with beautiful warm hues to make us feel toasty while surrounded by wind, rain, or snow.

Antelope Canyon by Kimberly Lacy,   Colorado Springs, Colorado

Antelope Canyon is a Navajo Tribal Park, located on the reservation of the Navajo Native American people in northern Arizona, close to the Colorado border. Much of the earth on this high desert plateau is composed of sandstone rock which contains fabulous shades of pink, orange, terracotta, with lavender shadows created as the sun sets.  Kimberly writes,  "The slot canyons Arizona were my inspiration for this piece. Narrow canyons of undulating sandstone capture light in unexpected and delightful turns and twists."

Close up, Antelope Canyon by Kimberly Lacy

In the native Navajo language, "Tse bighanilini" means "The place where water runs through rocks."  Rain water has sculpted the sandstone rock into beautiful corkscrew and angular patterns.  Kimberly's techniques include strip piecing by machine, machine applique, and machine quilting. She used silk and poly satin fabrics, with wool batting. This intriguing and creative quilt is a beautiful combination of pure, saturated, complementary colors.

Image credits:  photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration. For more information on Kimberly Lacy, see this 2011 interview: Quilts, the threads of our lives.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, stunningly beautiful! I've often wanted to quilt red rock scenes I've captured on film, and this really ignites the fire of creativity!


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