Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bloooming beauties: Fun flower quilts

We love these fun and whimsical flower quilts, which have such a cheerful look about them. Enjoy !

Learn and Grow by Candace West and the Sugar Cube Quilters (Florida)

Candace says on  her website: "This quilt demonstrates the growth of the Sugar Cube Quilters in learning new techniques and skills from each other. Designed and machine quilted by Candace West of Floral City, Florida. Created by the Sugar Cube Quilters of Homosassa, Florida."

Close up, Learn and Grow by Candace West and the Sugar Cube Quilters

We really admire Candace's clever idea of creating flowers with star and pinwheel block patterns. The curved parallel lines of quilting give this quilt a casual, breezy, windswept atmosphere. A dragonfly, little birds, and tiny butterflies are all part of this happy outdoor scene.

Maisie's Garden by Brenda Schlechter (Largo, Florida)

Brenda writes of her original design, "Flowers always seem to symbolize joy and optimism to me. They start their growth in the cole, hard ground and grow strong and tall in spite of wind and rain.  Using bright colors and organic shapes, I create a vision of a simpler time, perhaps of childhood. "

Close up, Maisie's Garden by Brenda Schlechter

Brenda continues, "In this quilt, the vibrant background provides strong contrast with the flowers and the binding, drawing the viewer into the garden."  The neon violet flowers with the aqua green stems and hot pink background really create a stunning display  to catch and hold the viewer's eye in this intriguing work.

Sweet Blooms by Pat Kroth (Verona, Wisconsin)

Pat notes, "There is nothing I enjoy more than the burst of new blooms in spring after a long cold winter. A few candy wrapper "petals" on Sweet Blooms makes it even sweeter." 

Close up, Sweet Blooms by Pat Kroth

In this close-up, you can see how Pat created the stems and petals of the flowers with different  candy wrappers. The collage was covered with tulle, then quilted. Buttons embellish the center of the flowers, and the background is comprised of vibrant fabric scraps which match the candy wrapper scraps of the flowers. 

Garden Floral by Marianne Williamson (Miami, Florida)

Marianne notes, "This floral is soft and flowing with happy summer colors. The garden theme has been in my mind, and I am using this theme to show different moods, times of day, and seasons." 

Close up, Garden Floral by Marianne Williamson

Marianne's techniques include raw-edge applique, free-motion quilting, and fabric painting. Just like the Sweet Blooms quilt shown previously, this background is carefully pieced with fabric scraps, which really helps these raspberry and orange sherbet blossoms "pop" into the foreground.

Les Tournesols by Carole Pirruccello, Flying Needles Quilt Guild (California)

Les Tournesols is French for "the sunflowers", and Carole's done a lovely job of showcasing them against the backdrop of a white garden trellis or lattice. She states, " This wall hanging used fabrics from the 2011 River City Quilters' Guild Fabric Challenge.  Techniques include hand applique, machine piecing, and free motion quilting, with rayon and metallic threads." 

Close up, Les Tournesals by Carole Pirruccello

These fabrics are so bright and pretty, that they must have been a joy to work with. We especially like the gorgeous orange-yellow, burnt orange, and lime green of the sunflowers, which highlights Carole's excellent hand applique work so well.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the  2014 Road to California Quilt Show, the 2013 Flying Needles Quilters' Guild Show, and the 2013 Houston International Quilt Festival.


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