Friday, November 11, 2016

Quilts of the World Part 2: Germany

Part of the 2016 Pacific International Quilt Festival was the World Quilt Competition XX, which is a special exhibition within the larger P.I.Q.F. This competition, which is open to quilters from many different countries, starts out each summer on the East Coast of the U.S.A.; then the best quilts from that show go on tour to the various regional shows in America. Each week, Quilt Inspiration will feature highlights of quilts from a different country. We hope you enjoy this presentation, continuing with quilts from Germany.

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Gear Wheel 11 - Spiral of Life, 36 x 50", by Barbara Lange

Barbara says, "Life to me evolves like a spiral - constantly in movement,, changing direction, but at the same time repeating itself in a good way. We are all a little wheel in this big machinery, contributing to the big overall movement. Nobody is unimportant, and as soon as one wheel goes missing, we all are affected."

The beautiful contemporary quilting motif really emphasizes the idea of the inter-connectedness and mutual dependency of human kind. Barbara's original design is machine pieced and sewing machine quilted.

Blattgold (Leaf Gold), 43 x 63", by Brigitte Morgenrath

Winner of a blue ribbon for Best of Country (Germany), Brigitte says this is the 10th time that she is participating in the World Quilt Competition! Her color combination was "inspired by golden silk and green cotton fabric embellished with golden blossoms, I created these leaf-bearing twigs."

Blattgold was machine pieced using a paper piecing technique for highest accuracy, then hand quilted in all the ditches to highlight the leaf pattern.

Woven Journey, 91 x 89", by Claudia Pfeil

Blue ribbon winner in the Innovative Quilts category, Claudia notes that this quilt is her interpretation of the 2016 P.I.Q.F. theme, "Then and Now." Claudia is known for her award-winning quilting; you can see her instructional videos at her website.

Claudia's original design is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and long arm quilted. Here, you can see some of the pretty beaded embellishment that Claudia has added to her quilt. This woven motif reminds us of how the strands of time weave various events in and out of our lives.

Art and Craft meet Art Nouveau, 37 x 37", by Katrin Schroeder

Katrin explains, "I'm an admirer of the Art Nouveau epoch, in particular of the work by William Morris... The motifs used in the border are inspired by a mosaic from the Art Nouveau church "Am Steintor" in Vienna, Austria. The borders have been hand-pieced in the English paper-piecing technique using gold lame and regular cotton fabrics. The binding has been applied by hand."

Katrin continues, " I made one of his most lovely flower paintings the centerpiece of my quilt. The leaves and blossoms I have cut from felt and are appliqued by hand." Katrin's lovely original design is  all hand pieced, hand appliqued, and hand quilted.

Reflections on the Nine Patch, 36 x 36", by Uta Lenk

This original design by Uta Lenk is a playful variation of a traditional nine-patch pattern using modern fabrics (scraps) and design options on the quilt top. The quilt was machine pieced and sewing machine quilted.  As shown below, the tails of the machine quilting threads were left on top of the quilt to add to the texture and improvisational feel. 

Passion Always Wins, 61 x 44", by Frauke Schramm

This dynamic quilt makes a powerful statement. It depicts the contrast between peace and human rights versus the flames and destruction created by ISIS. Frauke Schramm says, "So-called ISIS not only slaughters people – they believe they can destroy the fundamental ideas of everyone who does not share their beliefs, for instance, by burning books. Nothing does ISIS know about the resilience of ideas – they will survive. They always have."

Passion Always Wins was created with cotton, linen, and polyester fabrics using string piecing, free-motion applique, and free-motion quilting.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


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