Thursday, August 24, 2017

Best of Utah: The 44th annual Springville Quilt Show (3)

This annual Springville quilt show is a juried exhibition that features quilts of all styles and sizes created by some of Utah's finest quilters. This is our third year attending the show and the quality of the work is outstanding. Here are some of our favorites!
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Ralph the Rhino by Kathy Porter

Kathy remarks, " I saw a picture of a stylized rhino in the Biltmore House in North Carolina when I was touring with my daughter. I couldn't wait to try my hand at collage using this armored rhino [as the subject].

Detail, Ralph the Rhino

Kathy continues,"Susan Carlson made a Pink rhino using the same technique and same inspiration. She's my idol! Ralph is made of hundreds of pieces of fabric, glued, then quilted. I loved every second of it ! We especially like Ralph's wild-looking blue eye, which adds to his distinctive personality.

Let Us Out by Josephine Keasler , quilted by Kim Peterson

Josephine explains the source of her quilt: "In 2015, I completed Midnight Wedding Star without the optional border.The border was pieced, but when auditioned with the center of the quilt top, it appeared to be too busy and detracted from the center's stars. That quilt, (Midnight Wedding Star), won many awards.
The unused border pieces were just too pretty to not be put into a quilt. It was time for me to 'go modern' and utilize the colorful flying geese [seen here]. With a pencil, graph paper, and big eraser, I worked at designing the quilt top, then turned it over to Kim Peterson for her bright quilting.

Detail, Let Us Out

In this close-up, you can see the different colored quilting threads used by Kim Peterson, which show a pretty contrast against the darker background.

There Is Beauty All Around by Anna Marie Neider

Anna Marie comments, "This quilt represents my love of home, family, color, and [fabrics by designer] Kaffe Fassett !
We recognize this pattern as the Ryokan quilt design by Joe Wood from ThimbleCreek.

Detail, There Is Beauty All Around

Anna Marie used some of Kaffe's purple/tangerine "Aboriginal Dots" fabric to serve as a contrasting border for her vibrant houses and background of various purple, lavender, and violet hues. The polka-dot chimneys provide such a cute, whimsical element !

Hometown Memories by Karen Phillips, quilted by Linda Meier

Karen states, "This is one of my most favorite quilts. I love creating my own tree and houses. I have always wanted to work with black and white. My Mother passed away while I was making the quilt, and I put some fabric from her bathrobe in the quilt."

Detail, Hometown Memories

This bird, birdhouse, and tiny wool/felt flowers are adorable ! Karen obviously put a great deal of time and effort into her lovely work.

Tennessee Pineapple by Pamela Andersen

Honorable Mention winner Pamela notes, "The tradition of the pineapple block is amazing, especially because turning, twisting, or placing the chevron fabric in a certain direction makes a square look. It's a fantastic traditional block !"
We recognize this particular design as Woven Stars by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass. You can see their patterns here and here.

Detail, Tennessee Pineapple

Pamela quilted what looks like thousands of small pebbles and ovals into this traditional pattern with a very modern twist. The circular quilting motif provides a pleasing contrast to the angular, geometric patchwork. 

Baltimore Beauty from Brazil by Colleen Earnshaw

Show Committee Award winner, Colleen writes, "I taught myself to applique by following the "Baltimore Album Quilts" book while serving a mission in Brazil. I designed the sashing on the edges myself."  She clearly spent countless hours of labor, which resulted in this spectacular creation.

Detail, Baltimore Beauty

Colleen continues, "I finally finished hand quilting it in January of 2017. It has been a labor of love and LOTS of work ! We especially admire this intricate, even stitching and the lovely three-dimensional flowers.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. They are all sensational! I have seen Susan Carlson's Rhino in person and this one is really spectacular too. Susan would be proud! I love the story behind the Hometown Memories quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What gorgeous works of art! I've never seen such a beautiful rhino!

  3. All the quilts are beautiful! but I especially LOVE the way Josephine Keasler reclaimed UFOs and integrated them into a work of modern art in "Let Us Out." I saw another of her Springville winning quilts at the show ("Mariner's Compass")--her collection of works are sooooooooo versatile!

  4. I have been sketching Baltimore Album blocks for many years. This one is such an inspiration.

  5. wonderful collection of quilts! thanks for sharing them


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