Wednesday, December 13, 2017

24 Days of Christmas at Quilt Inspiration - Day 13

Welcome to the 24 days of Christmas ! Each day this month, up through Christmas Eve, we'll feature a work of fiber art that reflects the joy and beauty of the season ! Let's continue with Day 13.

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Folded Star, 36 x 48, by Bonita McFadden, California

We were very impressed upon viewing Bonita's lovely quilt, because it is such a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary Christmas motifs ! The boughs of holly, the wreath, and the red poinsettia flowers are symbolic of the Christmases that we have all known and loved for many years. The alternating red and black borders and the fabric of the stars, done in checks, stripes, polka dots, and zig-zags, reminds us of the trends in modern quiltmaking. These design elements encourage us to consider endless possibilities in creating future quilts for the Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa season.

Close-up,  Folded Star

The inspiration for Bonita's original design came from a home accessories catalog, which showed a decorative wall star with a pocket in it to display a floral arrangement. She then created a 5 point star template from folded paper, cut out corresponding fabric stars, and fused them to this intriguing black and white background fabric.
On top of each star,  Bonita fused and carefully appliqued floral prints which were fussy cut from larger fabric, in the method of Broderie Perse. In the block above, you can see how the wreath, topped with a cheerful bow, exactly fits into the center of the star. 

Close-up, Folded Star

In this close-up, you can see Bonita's workmanship in cutting and fusing these holly leaf and poinsettia prints. She used a layer of tulle netting to stabilize the floral print and ensure accurate placement of the motif. We always appreciate seeing Bonita's very innovative, thoughtful, and talented creations, at Christmas time and anytime !

Image credits: Photos and design are the copyright of Bonita McFadden.


  1. I love the Broderie Perse! It's rare to see it on modern quilts, which surprises me. There are so many lovely fabrics just crying out to be used that way. Christmas motifs are a great way to use it.


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