Thursday, February 22, 2018

Quilts of the The Animal Kingdom

Here's a tribute to some of the wondrous forms of our animal friends who share the earth with us. We're always amazed by the beautiful and various ways that quilt artists are able to use fabric to capture the species of the animal kingdom !

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Melman - The Vulnerable Giraffe by Jane Haworth (California)

Jane writes, "After watching a documentary about giraffes by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), I realized that giraffes are on the Vulnerable list, and their numbers are falling.  I want to bring awareness of their current plight, and I will donate half of the sale of this quilt to the GCF."

Close-up,  Melman

Jane's technique for this quilt is raw-edge collage applique, and her materials are upholstery fabrics, damask, burlap, commercial cottons, hand-dyes, batiks, linen, cotton batting, and cotton thread. Her design source was Pixabay, where all images are copyright-free. We think that Jane did an excellent job at capturing Melman's face and beautiful markings.

When The Aspens Turn by Cindy Seitz-Krug

Close-up,  When The Aspens Turn

Cindy notes, "Every September, my husband and I spend most of the month in the state of Colorado. We usually arrive early,  the aspens are still green, and the bulls are quiet - not bugling yet. But, when the aspens start to turn yellow, the rut kicks in, and the bulls get pretty vocal. It's a magical time to be in the Rocky Mountains !"

Cindy's techniques include fused applique, thread painting, and machine quilting. She's done a lovely job of making the aspen leaves really "pop" against the autumn sky which we imagine to be swirling with clouds.

Llama Drama by Barb Neiwert (Idaho)

Barb exclaims, "I'm a firm believer that quilts should be fun ! And, what is more fun than not one, but two posing llamas? I love everything about this quilt, from picking out the fabric to piecing it, and finally quilting it."  (This is the Lloyd and Lola quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman)

Close-up  Llama Drama

Barb continues, "The free-motion squarish swirls add a playful touch. And as the final touch, the binding displays the same colors as the llamas' serapes. Llamas just want to have fun!"  Barb's choice of teal, aqua, and burgundy really enhance this delightful quilt.

Old Timer by Suzan Engler (Texas)

Susan quotes American activist Maggie Kuhn as saying, "[Old age] is strength and survivorship, triumph over all kind of vicissitudes, and disappointments, trials, and excesses."  For her impressive and meaningful portrayal of this wizened old-timer, Susan used digital and professional fabric printing and digital manipulation of the photo, on digitally printed cotton. Her design source was a photo from Graphicstock/Storyblocks, with purchased commercial reproduction rights.

The Bonds by Takashi Kusaka and 7 Friends (Japan)

Takashi notes, "This quilt is made through two different techniques: crazy quilt for the elephant and reverse applique for the zebra."

Close-up, The Bonds

We admire Takashi and friends' use of stunning colors, with soft pastels in the background, enhancing the vibrant, high-contrast hues of the foreground.  This technique for this work is all hand-applique.

Image Credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2017 Houston International Quilt Festival (Melman, The Bonds, Old Timer); the 2016 Arizona Quilters Society QuiltWeek (Phoenix); and the 2017 5Bee Quilters' Guild show (Idaho).


  1. I'm speechless (and that doesn't happen very often!). Breathtaking!

  2. I'm with my friend Wendy - these are amazing!

  3. These are just fantastic,Love them all!!

  4. That is a lot of quilt art, each one unique and rather amazing.

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