Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring and Easter Quilts!

Spring has sprung, and Easter is drawing near !  It's a favorite time of year with visions of flowers in bloom and sunny days.  Here are quilts that inspire us with springlike colors, baskets, and bunnies.

Easter Basket by Marlene Cook, quilted by LaReesa Baldwin

With its basket full of tulips, surrounded by chicks and eggs, Marlene Cook describes this project as fun to make. She used lattice print fabric to create the basket, and embellished the flowers with colorful buttons.

Embroidery stitches add detail to the chicks and flowers.  (We're still searching for the source of this adorable pattern.)

Rhapsody in Blues by Georgia Thorne

Georgia Thorne used a selection of  stitches, fabric paint, threads and Angelina to create her original design.  This lovely quilt was inspired by music, hence the title, Rhapsody in Blues.  The bunny was made with trapunto.

Bunny Block by LeAnn Hileman

LeAnn Hileman says, "My appliqued bunnies are framed by grassy rings of green." The blocks were based on Grandma's Bunnies by Darcy Ashton.  The blanket stitch applique, done in black thread, gives the bunnies a vintage feel.

Carrot Patch by Kathy Urban

This darling carrot patch-themed quilt is complete with rabbits, chicks, and lots of carrots! The pattern is by The Quilt Company.  Kathy Urban says, "I love animals and enjoy making seasonal quilts that I can bring out to celebrate a certain time of year. This one made me laugh when I saw the chick in high heels."

Rabbits Prefer Chocolate by Rose Rumball-Petre

This is a wonderful Easter color version of the Rabbits Prefer Chocolate pattern by Anne Sutton. Inspired by vintage chocolate molds, each block has it's own personality. We love Rose Rumball-Petre's use of pastel colors and the combination of yellow and periwinkle in the border.  The quilt was machine pieced and appliqued, and hand quilted.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the Springville (Utah) quilt show (Easter Basket), the 5Bee Quilters Guild show (Rabbits Prefer Chocolate), the Diablo Valley Quilters Guild show (California), and Quilt Arizona (Rhapsody in Blues, Bunny Block).


  1. Easter Basket - how very sweet! Thank you.

  2. Nancie Anne QuiltsMarch 25, 2018 at 2:16 PM

    That darling Easter Basket with Flowers & Chicks is called Spring Has Sprung. The pattern is available online at Chitter Chatter Designs! Happy Easter!

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