Friday, August 31, 2018

Best of Utah quilts: The 2018 Springville show !

We had lots of fun seeing the pretty quilts at the 45th annual Utah Quilt Show in Springville, Utah. It's a juried show, featuring quilts of all styles and sizes. We hope you enjoy the "eye candy" below !

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Vision Quest by Connie Healy, quilted by Wren Wookland

Connie says, "I am legally blind and mostly pieced by feel. I saw a wall hanging and thought it would make a beautiful bed quilt, so I just kept going. Someone else will have to tell me where any problems are, because I can't see them."
Our response would be that this is a daunting project even for quilters with perfect eyesight; so Connie's work, which she accomplished despite  her vision challenges, is exemplary. Congratulations to her for this wonderful accomplishment !

The quilt is based on the Convex Illusions quilt pattern by Kathleen Andrews.

Close-up, Vision Quest

In this close-up, you can see the interesting contrasts provided by the ombre green fabric of the inner borders and the textures provided by Wren Wookland's excellent quilting work.

The Circle Game by Patti Jacobs, quilted by Mindy Powell

Winner of an Award of Excellence, Patti writes, "I had this pattern on my shelf for a year or two and was afraid of the circle, y-seams, and many, many templates. Sewing another quilt from [designer] Jen Kingwell,  I was able to successfully make template blocks, which gave me the courage to begin this project. I loved the bright colors. It makes me happy to look at it !"
This blue ribbon-winning quilt is based on The Circle Game pattern by Jen Kingwell.

These happy, vibrant colors really pop out against the fun black and white background of the blocks. We admire Patti's ability in completing this intricate patchwork and applique.

Flying Home by the Quilt-In-Time group. Quilted by Marie Wiggington

This quilt has been cut, pieced, and stitched together by the Quilt-In-Time quilters, a very small group formed in 1998 in Monticello, Utah.
Flying Home is based on a pattern in the 1997 book, More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts by Pam Bono. (Also see the post at Hidden Treasure Crafts.)

Close-up, Flying Home

The theme of flying geese is emphasized not only by the attractive patchwork blocks which represent actual geese, but also by the triangle motifs known by quilters as flying geese blocks, done here in autumn colors of caramel, gold, and cinnamon. There are hundreds of flying geese blocks in this quilt!

Tribute to Pele by Margo Faccini

Margo notes, "The floral fabric was purchased while on a trip to Portland, Oregon. It took a few years before I added the red and yellow fabrics and designed the background. The flowers are all hand appliqued. Pele is the goddess of Kilauea volcano, which was erupting during the making of this quilt."

Close-up, Tribute to Pele

Here's an excellent example of Broderie perse stitching, in which an entire printed motif is cut out and appliqued as a single pattern onto a background. These brilliant colors are a perfect reminder of the lush tropical foliage of the Hawaiian Islands.

Lap Quilt (Winding Ways) by Marjory Woffinden

Mary states,  "Always enjoying new quilt styles and challenges, I read about this beautiful, colorful quilt and tried it. I'm 97 years old and loved all the hand work of putting together the blocks and applique flowers."

Close-up, Lap Quilt

This patchwork design is the traditional "Winding Ways" pattern. We really admire Marjory's beautiful hand quilting work.  She has done an excellent job in creating this lovely project !

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. That first quilt would be a challenge for anyone let alone someone who is legally blind. My word! And I hope I am still hand quilting when I am 97 - good for you Marjory!

  2. They are all gorgeous but we really love Vision Quest!

  3. All beautiful, especially Tribute to Pele. By the Way, Pele is actually the goddess of fire, and volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. So one could say she is active right now in Kilauea, but that's not the extent of her influence. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love them all ... and that "Winding Ways" looks like a great way to use up dark and light scraps.

  5. Those quilts are absolutely fantastic!!

  6. Those quilts are absolutely beautiful!!


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