Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Quilts to Celebrate Autumn!

Autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy the glorious colors of our changing environment. Mother Nature brings out her prettiest deep greens, sunny golds, and vivid oranges and reds before beginning her winter repose. We've assembled a collection of quilts to celebrate the beauty of autumn leaves as portrayed in the textile arts.

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Ananda at Last by Cheryl Olson (Utah)

Ananda is a Sanskrit word meaning "bliss." This evocative quilt was made with machine and fused applique, hand dyeing, monoprinting and screen printing.  Hand-dyed silk and cotton fabrics were used. The design draws you right into the tableau, showing two people side by side, walking in the trees. The intense colors, hand dyed fabrics, surface design and quilting help create the dimensional scene.

Fabric artist Cheryl Olson says, "I wish to create each quilt with the hope that I can magnify my love to others and my appreciation and devotion to God." The principles of design and color theory play a major role in each of her quilts.For more of her beautiful works, see her website at Cheryl Olson's Art Quilts.

Autumn Harvest by Alexandra Tsubota (California)

Alexandra Tsubota started Autumn Harvest in a Gloria Loughman class which focused on the tile background. After completing the background fairly quickly, the project sat for over a year as Alexandra contemplated the design.  She says, "In the end, my love of pumpkins won out and it made its way off the UFO pile and onto the wall." 

The tile background reminds us of a trellis; we love the colorful pumpkins, squash, and flowers hanging among the vines. The quilting enhances the shape of the pumpkins and leaves.

Autumn Evening by Barbara Oliver Hartman (Texas)

Autumn Evening was awarded First Place in the Art - Naturescape category at the 2017 Houston International Quilt Festival. It was made from snippets of fabrics left over from previous projects. The fabrics were sorted by color, then cut with a rotary cutter and scissors into very small pieces.  The pieces were then sewn to a background using a free motion zigzag stitch.  No netting or fusing was used !

Barbara says, "Working this way is very satisfying, and by using materials that easily end up in a landfill, makes the point that anything can be useful in some way."  The first piece she made this way was in 1992 and was in the 1993 Quilt National exhibit.  For more information see Barbara Oliver Hartman's website.

Patchwork Pumpkin by Barbara Raisanen (Arizona)

Barbara Raisanen made this Patchwork Pumpkin in response to a Cactus Patchers challenge (a chapter within the Arizona Quilters Guild).  The challenge was described as follows: Choose a paint chip for which you like the NAME and COLOR; use that color for the dominant color of the project; and make a project that represents that name and color.  The lovely batiks (in pumpkin color, of course) add interesting textures to the pumpkin.

Birds' Choir by Bella Kaplan (Kfar-Giladi, Israel)

This outstanding art quilt was created with machine applique and quilting; it was painted, hand-dyed, and screen printed.  The textures, colors, birds and lettering perfectly capture the autumn landscape. The predominant orange and yellow hues are complemented by splashes of sky blue. Bella Kaplan says,  "This quilt tells the story of where I live (Kfar-Giladi, Israel). I represented its agricultural area, fields, flowers, orchard trees, and many types of birds.  I enjoyed re-creating all the colors."

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2018 Road to California show (Autumn Harvest), the 2018 Quilt Arizona show (Patchwork Pumpkin), and the 2017 Houston International Quilt Festival.


  1. Our favorite season. The autumn quilts are just gorgeous!

  2. They are all as colorful as the season. Pretty post!
    Happy Quilting!
    Connie :)

  3. All really neat... I like the trellis effect in that Autumn Harvest quilt, and that choir of birds.

  4. what fun fall quilts - thanks!

  5. Wow - loved every one of those. Guess I like orange more than I thought. Thank you!

  6. Great choices for your post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful colors! Lovely quilts, thanks for the selection!


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