Thursday, December 13, 2018

Welcome to Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 5 !

Believe it or not, it's that time of year again: time for Twelve Days of Christmas Quilts ! We are featuring an inspiring quilt each weekday, ending on Christmas Eve.  We wish you a very happy, healthy and creative holiday season.

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Oh ! Christmas Tree, 55 x 62, by Elizabeth Eastmond  (California)

Oh ! Christmas Tree, designed by Australian quilt artist Wendy Williams, was the subject of a quilt-along by Elizabeth Eastmond at OPQuilt. Elizabeth writes, "I hand-stitched all the flowers and birds while on a trip to Lisbon [Portugal] and Spain in order to complete the quilt in under a year. This pattern... was an inspiration of fun, whimsy, and technique. I did finish the quilt just shy of Christmas Day."

Close-up, Oh! Christmas Tree

Quilt designer Wendy Williams is known for her wool applique and contemporary, simple shapes depicting elements of nature, such as birds, flowers, and trees. They are rendered here in clear, bright wool felt embellished by Elizabeth with embroidery thread that is often in analogous or complementary colors. The beautiful birds and leaves give a sunny, almost tropical mood to this tree of life motif.

Close-up Oh ! Christmas Tree

At the base of the tree is a lovely Nativity scene featuring Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, with the Star of Bethlehem shining brightly overhead. These pure, color saturated fabrics shown against the white background, along with Elizabeth's beautiful stitchery, provide a joyous sense of energy and liveliness.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2018 Road to California quilt show.


  1. Love this quilt! Thanks for the Christmas fun

  2. What a stunning Nativity/Christmas quilt--I love her version of the Shooting Star of Bethlehem--from now on I will "see" it that way in my mind ;)))

    ...lovely work--and those birds and flowers decorations are so modern and yet very old world appearing...thanks so much for sharing --really enjoying your "Twelve Days" hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh, this quilt is just so beautiful! I know I could never applique like that, but I so appreciate the beauty of the work.

  4. I joined in rather late to this quilting after meeting Wendy Williams at a workshop here in Australia. I loved making this quilt and adding my own versions of Mary and Joseph to the base of the tree. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Love the bright colors, the little birds, and the wonky stars! Lovely and cheerful quilt :)

  6. So funny, I had made this quilt too. though I normally love hand work, here I didn't I left the original reindeer, though my family thinks that they look like our two back cats. I knew the space where I wanted to hang the quilt was too small for the original version, so I made my version 80% and omitted the inner triangle border.;postID=5047240308746858112;onPublishedMenu=publishedposts;onClosedMenu=publishedposts;postNum=4;src=postname

  7. Elizabeth belongs to our Guild and we're always awed when she shows one of her works. It's stunning. Thanks for sharing.


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