Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Welcome to Modern Quilt Month!

We're celebrating Modern Quilt Month at Q.I., and we couldn't be more excited about these fun quilts!  So, what makes a quilt modern? According to The Modern Quilt Guild, the characteristics may include the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast, graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, and expansive negative space.  This is the first of five feature posts.

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Empire Place by Charlene O'Connell

This stunning paper-pieced Empire Place quilt was made by Mardi Norwood, and quilted by Charlene O' Connell.  Charlene explains, "Mardi Norwood was doing a massive downsize and decided to give me this quilt.  I was very honored that she wanted to give it to me and thrilled that I got to quilt it."  The Empire Place quilt pattern is by Kristy Wolf and her daughter Shayla Wolf at Sassafras Lane Designs.

A Sky Full of Stars by Kimberly Davis

This hexagon design quilt was named A Sky Full of Stars for a year of Coldplay concerts in Pasadena (California) and Phoenix (Arizona) and a trip to Kitt Peak National Observatory outside of Tucson.  The quilt was based on a workshop taken with pattern maker Libs Elliott (the design is called The Weight of Love). Many of the beautiful indigo fabrics are by Alison Glass.

Which Way Did They Go by Patti Kupferer

This quilt may appear to be minimalist, until you examine the intricate quilting!  It is the first of a series by Patti Kupferer, and it showcases her longarm quilting skills.  An original design, she created the quilting pattern based on a stained-glass window and used various fills for the sections.  The orange thread really 'pops' on the gray background fabric.

Edward by Marjory Peck

We love the Picasso-like faces in Edward ! Marjory Peck says, "As an applique artist that is losing hand dexterity I was looking for a way to continue my work without hand applique.  I used this piece to teach myself machine applique with turned edges."  Marjory quilted this piece herself, and the result is impressive.

Poppin' In by Jane Congleto, professional quilted by Chris Sousa

We love optical illusion quilts, and apparently so does Jane Congleton!  She says, "I've always liked 3D and geometric quilts.  it was a challenge! It is my first quilt show entry [and] I really like it!" The beautifully-pieced quilt is based on the Convex Illusions pattern by Kathleen Andrews. 

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2019 Quilt Arizona show.

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  1. From the star quilts to this - unbelievable! I had to remind myself to breath! Thanks


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