Thursday, August 15, 2019

International Quilt Invitational Exhibition 2019 - Part 1 of 2

"Out of this world" quilts from around the world are presented each summer at the Brigham City Museum of Art and History in Brigham City, Utah. It's always a delight to view the outstanding works of fabric art at this exhibit!  (If you're going, we also recommend the Idle Isle Cafe on Main Street for comfort food in an authentic diner setting.)

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Take Me to Church by Alice Beasley (California, USA)

The stunning art quilt is one of a series of underwater ballets created in fabric by Alice Beasley.  This one is based on Hozier's song [titled "Take Me To Church"] and Sergei Polunin's masterful dance interpretation of the same.  It was created with cotton and silk fabrics which were printed. The colors and textures of the fabrics, and the asymmetric border, lend a truly realistic underwater appearance to the scene.

On her website, Alice Beasley, says, " I find color, light, shadow, line and value in the pattern of ordinary household fabrics. From these I snip small pieces which I arrange and fuse into a figurative composition."

An Early Spring Day by Noriko Endo (Japan)

Noriko Endo's signature style can be seen in its full glory in this colorful art quilt. She says, "In an early spring, Noriko hiked and found that very fresh green leaves were peeking out and birds were singing songs." It is created with hand-dyed cotton and tulle. 

Reminiscent of an impressionist landscape painting from a distance, Noriko uses small fabric pieces (confetti) that are covered with tulle, then quilted.   Some accents are painted on top for a beautiful effect.

Moonset by Karen Miller (Oregon, USA)

Since beginning the study of katazome (Japanese stencil dyeing) in 1995, with the American master John Marshall, Karen Illman Miller has become an expert in this traditional Japanese dyeing technique. In this piece, dawn and the setting moon combine to make a cool and tranquil scene.  The stencil-dyed tree is the Oregon White Oak, the quintessential tree of the Willamette Valley (Oregon) where Karen lives.

Jester's Pond by Donna Deaver (Idaho)

Jester's Pond was inspired by a friend's backyard pond.  To stand at the edge, hearing the water trickle and the birds sing, brings about an indescribable peace.  The reflection of the sky, interrupted on the surface only by the gentle breeze on the water and the occasional appearance of koi, transports us from this busy neighborhood to a place deep within.

Donna has expertly created the real-life appearance of water and the reflection of leaves on the pond, using hand-dyed cotton, which is fused and stitched.

Misty Morning by Noriko Endo (Japan)

Most of Noriko Endo's work as a fiber artist focuses on landscapes.  She is interested in the idea of line drawing of objects with white polyester threads.  Her favorite subjects are woodland, trees and leaves.

The foxes and deer in this piece are drawn with thread painting, and the misty atmosphere was created with quilting lines of leaves.  The piece is created with hand-dyed cotton, luminescent fibers, tulle, and polyester threads.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

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