Thursday, September 12, 2019

Quilts from the Springville Museum of Art (part 3)

Each year, the Springville Museum of Art (Utah) has one of the best quilt shows around.  It features award-winning quilts from Utah, a state blessed with an abundance of accomplished quilters. Here are some highlights of this year's show!

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Spring Flower by Monette Klinkenberg

Monette did not provide any details on the description card for her quilt, but we can see that it is a lively flower that bursts forth to greet the sunlight in a new season. The scalloped border edge provides a nice contrast to the geometric points of the flower petals.

Close-up, Spring Flower

Monique's use of vibrant color is enhanced by the dark neutral background.  The solid stitching that she has done around the petals of each leaf provide outline and definition, helping them to "pop" off the background.

Chance by Karen Post

Karen explains, "Chance is very mad as he waits in the animal shelter for just the right person whom HE will choose as his new owner. Chance belongs to my dear friend, and he is a little hellion ! He is always in trouble. "

Close-up, Chance

Karen continues, "I created Chance on my domestic machine using the art form of thread painting. There are probably 60-75 different colors of threads in this art quilt." Karen has created excellent texture, dimensionality, and detail with her wonderful thread painting. Chance looks so realistic, that we're tempted to give his head a friendly pat !

Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses 2019 by Lil Anderson, quilted by Jane Giles and friends

Honorable Mention Award winner Lil remarks, "I love scrappy quilts. I had so much fun with this quilt, because each block is different. It was as much fun to pick the fabric and fussy cut the pieces as it was to put it together."
(The pattern is in the book Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses by Linda Franz.)

Close-up, Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses

Lil adds, "The original was English paper pieced. It took a little longer (3 years), but I chose to hand piece each block without the papers." Lil's intricate, precise piecing gives her work such a professional, finished touch. This is truly an heirloom quilt, to be treasured for years to come.

Mosaic Masterpiece by Kathy Porter, quilted by Kim Peterson

Show Committee Award winner Kathy writes, "I used Quiltsmart and Tensisters grid interfacing to make this quilt and fabric from my stash. The quarter inch grid design used on the board literally took me a couple of years to finish."

Close-up, Mosaic Masterpiece

Kathy concludes, "This is my Masterpiece, because I will NEVER do it again!"  We congratulate Kathy on the completion of her beautiful quilt, with its brilliant colors and incredible workmanship.

That Town and Country by Katherine Porter, quilted by Virginia Gore

Award of Excellence winner Katherine Porter  (not to be confused with the quilter above) says, " I have loved making this quilt. I saw the pattern and knew it was perfect to hang in a room I am redoing. There are 365 four-inch block in the pattern. it transforms from the city at night to the country in daylight. I have 293 blocks plus the mountains on the border."

(The pattern is That Town and Country Quilt Book ~ A Block a Day for a Year by Susan Claire Mayfield.)

Katherine adds, "The designer is from New Zealand, and I chose to keep the colloquialisms in the wording [of the signs]. I did add much of the embroidery and just in general enhanced most of the blocks with added details. I am almost sad it is finished.It was just so much fun to make."  We love house quilts, and the details of this fabulous quilt make it a real joy to look at. With every glance, we are aware of another fascinating motif or whimsical embellishment.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the Springville Museum of Art.

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