Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Welcome to 2021. This kaleidoscope quilt inspires us to dream about going to a real (not virtual) quilt show again, in person, in the near future.  We wish you good health and happy quilting for the year ahead.

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Kaleidoscope Quilt, 54x 70, by Gail L. Weiss, Oregon. Quilted by Nancy Stovall

Gail explains, "This quilt was made from 3,113 pieces using 5 different shapes. Cut and stitch lines were screen printed onto the back of 21 different Kona Solid fabrics, and a running stitch was used to sew them together. "  We enjoyed viewing Gail's lovely quilt because it projects a lighted glow that seems to originate behind the fabric, much like holding a kaleidoscope up to a sunny window.

Gail adds, "It took 10 months to sew the top together, then it was given to my co-collaborator, Nancy Stovall, who did an amazing job with her hand-guided quilting. It added to the top, without detracting from the design."  Gail's work is a fabulous example of the English paper piecing method of assembling patchwork. Her juxtaposition of light and dark values, along with the intermingling of warm and cool hues results in a luminous and sparkling work, to which the name "kaleidoscope" very aptly applies. 

If you would like to sew this spectacular quilt on your own, then you're in luck !  Gail has this pattern available for purchase as a PDF download on her website,  GailLizette.com. At the bottom of the book listing, there's also a link to Gail's very helpful  tutorial on English paper piecing. 

Image Credit:  Photos were taken by by Quilt Inspiration at the January 2020 Road to California Quilt Show,  Ontario, California.

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