Thursday, September 23, 2021

Connecting Our Natural Worlds - SAQA Global Quilt Exhibit (Day 6)

The Connecting Our Natural Worlds exhibit by SAQA showcases art quilts that illustrate the natural wonder of habitats around the globe. Through their own unique artistic interpretation, each artist has identified danger to flora and fauna in their own backyards. The selected pieces inspire viewers to get closer to nature and become better stewards for our environment.  We recently visited this outstanding exhibit at the Brigham City Museum in Utah.

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Sky Islands by Katherine M. Dombrowski (Arizona)

Katherine writes, "The natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert has always been a source of great inspiration for me as an Arizona native and artist. We have many unique species and natural wonders in this part of the country. One of my favorite areas to explore is the Sky Island region - isolated mountain ranges in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico. .....Habitat loss and fragmentation threaten these diverse, complex, and fragile regions. WE can protect them for future generations by supporting responsible land use management and conservation efforts."  In this piece, Katherine has chosen to portray three birds in flights, as might be seen in the wilderness through a birdwatcher's binoculars.

Circular free-motion quilting and thread painting gives the viewer the sensation that these hummingbird are floating along on horizontal puffs of air. To create these beautiful birds, Katherine used cotton and polyester organza, which she raw edged and reverse appliqued. Her fabric is hand painted and hand dyed.

Hillside by Marianne R. Williamson (Alabama)

Marianne notes, "I live in a forest in Alabama. The houses are all on steep hills with driveways that are almost vertical. It always amazes me that someone decided to build on such difficult terrain. The results is that the houses are barely visible from the streets. Driving up and down these hills in between huge oaks, pines, and maples is extraordinary. I feel very blessed that I live surrounded by such beauty every day."

Marianne's use of dappled light and shadow gives her work the effect of a lovely Impressionist painting. Her materials include hand dyed silk, cotton, velvet, stencils, and paint. Her work is raw edge appliqued, free motion quilted, stenciled, and painted.

Autumn Reflections by Donna Deaver (Idaho)

Donna says, "Welcome to Jordan Pond, located in Maine's Acadia National Park. One of my favorite places to hike, this area is lush and green in spring and summer, and ablaze in gold, yellow, and orange in the fall. On any given day, one can see beaver, loons, salmon, and trout....[plus] many species of trees and plants. 
Autumn Reflections was inspired by a walk around the pond on a glorious October day, with reflections of the foliage appearing in the clear, tranquil water. Our protests need to be louder and more persistent to protect such fragile habitats for generations to come."

 Long waving lines of free motion quilting, along with collage ,convey the realistic movement of  gentle waves on the lake's surface. Donna's elegant work is made of hand-dyed cotton and silk, using artist's drawings and photographs.

2 Pods by Colleen S. Ansbaugh (Wisconsin)

Colleen comments, "Milkweed pods are a common plant material found in native prairie land habitats. In the Midwest, many of these areas have declined due to agricultural and other uses. Monarch butterflies depend on the milkweed plant as a vital source of food. "

Colleen continues, "Monarchs are a critical plant pollinator and function as a food source for animals. We need to be mindful of the relationship between plants and animals."

Colleen uses her excellent sense of perspective to show the pods in an expanded view, in order to emphasize their importance as the enlarged focal point of this piece. She used hand-dyed fabrics, recycled bedsheets, and beads for embellishment. Her intriguing work is hand stitched and machine quilted.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the Brigham City Museum in Utah. As of August 2021, many of the pieces can be purchased at the Connecting Our Natural Worlds web page.

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