Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The 2022 Tucson Quilters Guild Fiesta (3)

Can you believe it... an in-person quilt show! WOW! We hope you enjoy these fabulous creations from the talented quilters of the Tucson Quilters Guild.  As you can see, they have been quilting up a storm for the last two years.  Here is Part 3 of our photos.

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Attention! by Lisa Fryxell

This stunning original design was made with 100% cotton, with black satin for the pupil of the cat's eye.  Lisa Fryxell used foundation paper piecing, with applique for the whiskers.  Her goal was to make his eye as lifelike as possible... The paper pieced detail, shown below, is amazing!

 Heavenly Bamboo by Stephanie Nordlin

This beautiful art quilt, with its stunning complementary colors, was designed and made by Stephanie Nordlin, a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).  She says, "This has been a labor of love during the pandemic, despite a few challenges along the way."  We admired her expert applique work! (Winner of Honorable Mention award in the Art - Pictorial/Whimsical category.)

The leaves and berries were trapunto'd, while the white buds were made of ultrasuede.  Stephanie says that she tried twelve background fabrics before choosing this black/gray one.

A Gathering by Becky Wallace

This charming, playful wall quilt features appliqued quails, utilizing an assortment of brightly colored batik fabrics.  Each quail is unique and stands out against the plain white background, which is extravagantly quilted in circles and swirls.  Made and quilted by Becky Wallace, the design is by Barbara Persing.

Corona to Aurora by Gloria Bifulk, quilted by Rachel Holznienkemper

Here is a brilliant lone star variation in all colors of the rainbow. The creator, Gloria Bifulk explains: "The white star is the sun, with a corona around it.  Covered by solar flares shooting out causing the natural light in the magnetic field, making beautiful colors in the sky as auroras. The gray represents the lunar landscape."

The original design is by Joyce Hartley, and the pattern is by Roxanne Carter (Quilting with Roxanne). Four shades of eight different color families make this a stunning quilt.

Patchwork Eclipse by Carol W. Carpenter

Gorgeous batiks make this log cabin variation come alive! Carol Carpenter says that she wanted to attempt this design for several years, and last year finally put it on her "must do" list.  

Carol explains, "I love these colors and the unusual visual presentation of the pattern."  She quilted it herself using an allover design.  The Patchwork Eclipse pattern is from the book, Log Cabin Rediscovered by Brenda Brayfield. 

Dinner with Tula by Melanie Harris, quilted by Virginia McCabe

Dinner Plate Dahlia is a Judy Niemeyer paper pieced quilt design. This quilt looks spectacular in an assortment of Tula Pink fabrics ! Melanie Harris says that the quilting took "4 joyful months." The closeup photos emphasize Melanie's precise piecing. (Winner of Honorable Mention at this outstanding show.)

 Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2022 Tucson Quilters Guild show.

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