Tuesday, March 29, 2022

QuiltCon 2022 Highlights (Finale!)

The outstanding QuiltCon show was held in Phoenix, Arizona this year! Presented by The Modern Quilt Guild, QuiltCon is the largest modern quilting show of its kind. Hundreds of modern quilts were on display, including a juried show with entries from MQG members around the world. Here are some of the remarkable quilts we enjoyed.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt by Kim Soper @lelandavestudios (New York) and Megan Collins @megancollins_a (Texas)

Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt is made of a combination of New York Beauty blocks (made by Kim Soper in New York) and Friendship Knots (made by Megan Collins in Texas). The large, disrupted blocks give this quilt a fantastic modern "feel"! This quilt began as an idea to keep two friends united across the miles, but it became so much more in the wake of the pandemic.  This traveling quilt journeyed across the U.S. three times in various stages of construction.  The grid quilting was done by Megan on a domestic machine.

Aunt Sophie's Chair by Susan Braverman @wildpoppyquilts (California)

Susan Braverman explains that her Aunt Sophie had a wonderful pink velvet tufted chair in her bedroom. "My childhood visits with her always included story time when I would sit in that chair and get lost in whatever book she was reading to me."  -- This quilt design incorporates negative space with paper pieced "tufting" that loosely interprets the creases of button-tufted upholstery.  The quilting inside the negative spaces adds a wonderful, dimensional effect, creating a convex appearance to the shapes.

Piercing Pyramids by Claire Victor @cvquilts (Arizona)

Piercing Pyramids is part of a series by Claire Victor, who has focused on achieving 3D effects with geometric shapes. Claire says, "I envision it as pyramids with stiff ribbon-like shapes piercing through them.  I have continued the ribbons into the background quilting design." It is English paper pieced, double batted, and free-motion quilted on a domestic Bernina. The quilted swirls within pyramid provide a delightful contrast to the geometric shapes.

Outward by Karin King @karin_quilts (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Outward seems to vibrate with positive energy! The original design, by Karin King, was derived from the traditional pineapple quilt block, and pieced using colors seen most often during sunset or sunrise. The quilt suggests movement from the center of the quilt, done in marigold yellow, to the outer edges, in purple. Four solid colors were used to create the gradations. This piece was quilted on a longarm machine.

Zester by Caroline Hadley @geometriquilt (East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), quilted by Valerie Cooper

Using a simple palette of just two colors, Zester plays with positive and negative space. It is a totally new and modern design, made with just two traditional shapes: the quarter-circle and half-square triangle. The blocks are offset, with a wide margin on the left hand side, while the blocks meet the right-hand edge of the quilt. The straight line quilting - done by Valerie Cooper - adds to the modern, graphic feeling of the design.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2022 QuiltCon show.

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  1. Excellent choices to post. So many different styles posted on the various blogs. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the show itself, I would have been overwhelmed!


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