Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"My Initial x Five" : A Fun Quilt Challenge!

Today we're showing photos from a 2022 challenge undertaken by the Delightful Quilters of the Arizona Quilter's Guild. The challenge asked quilters to use their first initial to pick 5 items beginning with the same letter to add to their quilt. Any 5 or more items that start with the same letter as the quilter's first name can be included. This is like an "I Spy" or "Where's Waldo" game. See how many of these items you can find!

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Cat in a Cup by Claire Victor

Claire's first name begins with "C", so here she has designed a cat in a cup, wearing a cone hat, balancing citrus and cranberries, with a cherry on top.

In this close-up, you can see the cat holding the cranberry on his paw. Claire machine quilted and hand-guided her original design. The concentric rings of bubbles add to the whimsical, zany energy of this quilt.

There's a Giraffe in My Garden by Gayle Reed

Gayle notes, "What a fun challenge; however, way out of my comfort zone. Many hours were spent staring a my blank design wall. My 5 required "G" words were:  Giraffe, Glasses, Grapes, Green, Grass. There were more!"

Gayle machine quilted and hand-guided her original design. We love the fashionable blue spectacles on the giraffe's face.

Moonshine by Mimi Ferrell

Mimi says, " I challenged myself even further by learning three new techniques: Lorraine Carthew's mosaic applique technique for the moon, a shisha embroidery stitch for the mirrors, and a flanged binding technique.

Mimi's "M" words include Moon, Mosaic Applique, Midnight Blue, Metallic Thread, and Mirror Embellishment We think the mosaic embroidery gives a fascinating, sophisticated look to Mimi's creation. She machine quilted and hand-guided her original design.

Kaleidoscope of K's by Krista Dyell

Krista notes, "We were to include 5 items starting with our initial. I got carried away." We really admire this colorful, eye-catching, artistically arranged collage. She machine quilted and hand-guided her original design.

On Krista's description card, she listed over 30 items in her quilt that start with letter "K".  Here's just 10 of them: Kingfisher bird, Kitten, Ketchup, Elvis the King, B.B. King, Kite, Keyboard, Kiss Emoji, Kris Kringle, and King of Hearts.

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2022 Quilt Arizona show.

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