Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Modern Quilt Month 2022 (5)

We really enjoy modern quilts and examining the design elements that make the finished pieces come alive. Summer seems like the perfect time to feature contemporary quilts, so it's become an annual tradition at Quilt Inspiration. Here is part 5 (and the finale) of Modern Quilt Month for 2022!

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Go With the Flow by Karen Neuendorf

This dynamic original design was made and quilted by Karen Neuendorf, showcasing a special technique.  She says, "The black felt top is cut away to expose the blue and then quilted.  Each circle is a quilt that is hand stitched to the quilt.  During the pandemic it reminded me to relax and Go With the Flow."

Social Distancing by Jane Wilcox, quilted by Cindy Stohn

Jane Wilcox won a blue ribbon for her original quilt, titled Social Distancing, which was entered in the Modern-Duet category at the 2022 Quilt Arizona show. She says, "I was inspired by a table runner to add a block here and there, some bright strips, and splashes of color." [Inspired by the Soho table runner by Busy Bee Quilt Designs]. Cindy Stohn's expert quilting adds tremendous interest, as seen in the closeup photo below.

Bubbly by Diane Hartman

Bubbly was made and beautifully quilted by Diane Hartman.  This "whole quilt" (made from a single piece of hand-dyed fabric) was inspired by the original hand dying, done in pink with a few areas of blue, and accented by appliqued circles.  She says, "Glitter HTV (heat transfer vinyl) was a fun addition". Diane's creative quilting added further bubbles and swirls, creating a frothy appearance that was admired by all the viewers.

Light in the Rainbow Tunnel by Becky Ripley

Here's a fabulous quilt featuring a watercolor effect in a rainbow of colors. Becky Ripley estimates that she used about 700 different fabrics to make this quilt! The watercolor effect begins with charcoal in the outer corners and graduates to near white in the center. Becky says that Light in the Rainbow Tunnel was inspired by a published design, Glowing Crazy Eights by Quilters Lumberyard, which Becky reduced to half size.  It was beautifully quilted by Becky herself.

The Blue One by Teresa Duryea Wong @third_floor_quilts

A collection of fabrics from designer Marcia Derse inspired Teresa Duryea Wong - to make The Blue One.  We were delighted to see this quilt in person at the 2022 QuiltCon show. Teresa says, "I loved the idea of cutting up over 2700 tiny patches of fabric and sewing them back together.  The pieces are cut improvisationally, and each bit of fabric has its own free motion quilting design. Just a few bits of red add some pop.  This piece was quilted by Teresa with a longarm machine.

Image credits: Photos were taken at the 2022 QuiltCon show (The Blue One), the 2022 Quilt Arizona show (Social Distancing, Light in the Rainbow Tunnel), and the 2022 Tucson Quilt Fiesta (Bubbly, Go With the Flow).

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