Friday, June 21, 2024

Batik Beauties (1)

We love batiks! Their striking beauty is enhanced by designs that incorporate star blocks. The spiky points of the stars provide numerous opportunities for the eye to perceive the color contrasts in the fabrics.We hope you enjoy these photos.

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Crown of Thorns by Carol W. Carpenter, quilted by Kris Neifeld

Gorgeous colors and contrasts can be seen in this quilt. Carol Carpenter says, "This Judy Niemeyer pattern was challenging, even though I chose the smaller version of the pattern.  It is beautiful in design and especially meaningful to me as my Easter season quilt."  Spiky New York Beauty blocks, and strong contrasts, add to the visual appeal.

 There's a Bear There, made and quilted by Rhonda Borders.

This is an original design by Rhonda Borders, showcasing some very special batiks.  Rhonda says,  "We had to visit a couple of quilt stores on a trip to Alaska.  These bear batiks were available in Anchorate.  I designed a placemat/quilt to maximize their presence." The tree blocks add to the Alaska ambience, while sawtooth stars conjure the night sky.

Wishing Star by Meg Silvern, quilted by Linda Powell.

Stars within stars, done in wintery blues and whites! Meg Silvern says, "I made this quilt on a quilt cruise with Stitchin' Heaven in 2023.  Sandra Coffey was the teacher." Pattern source: Judy Niemeyer Quilting. An allover quilting design was used, resembling swirls in the snow.

Starburst in Color by Yvonne M. Flores, quilted by Quality Quilterz. 

This classic lone star design positively glows, lending the appearance of a stained glass quilt. Yvonne Flores says, "Seeing this quilt in a quilt show was the inspiration to learn how to paper piece.  It's Judy Niemeyer's Prismatic Star. It's a favorite because this was my 'impossible dream' completed 2 years later."

Image credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2024 Tucson Quilters Guild show.

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