Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Resplendent: the works of Jayne Townsend

When we came across the embroidered batiks of Jayne Townsend, we were astounded by their beauty, and wanted to share it with our readers. Jayne is a UK-based artist and design teacher who is based in the Peak District in Derbyshire. Jayne's work is currently on exhibit at the gallery at Buxton Gardens.

The main elements of her designs are produced in hand-dyed batiks, which are then richly embellished with multicolored embroidery, beads, and sequins. The final result is often reminiscent of filigree, rendered in fabric.

Maternal Heart, 2008

Landmark Patterns, 2007

Isabella's Heart, 2006

Detail of Isabella's Heart

Jayne notes that she does not always plan her work, preferring to let it grow and develop in a more organic way. "The style of my work is constantly changing... I have acquired a sewing machine as the hand embroidery took so long!" To see more of Jayne's embroidered batiks and other works, visit her website here.

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