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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Highlights of the 2014 Arizona Quilters' Guild show - Day 3

We've saved some of our favorite quilts for Part 3 of this series.  Here are more highlights from the 2014 Arizona Quilters Guild Show,including quilts inspired by Kaffe Fassett and Picasso, along with original fabric art!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Brenda Archambault

This quilt is a wonderfully creative rendition of Girl with a Mirror by Pablo Picasso. Brenda Archambault says:  "A storybook challenge spurred me on to combine Snow White's wicked stepmother's image with the fair Mona Lisa.  Thanks to Pablo [Picasso] and Leonardo [da Vinci] for the inspiration."  The project was inspired by a Modern Mystery Quilt Challenge by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.

Hippocampus, Uniquely Mine by Mary Patrick

We were enchanted by this colorful, decorative seahorse with its frilly orange and purple mane. Mary Patrick says,  "While seahorses are truly unique in nature, mine became even more so with the fabric color combination it seemed to demand."

Close up, Hippocampus, Uniquely Mine by Mary Patrick

In this closeup photo you can see the many bits of fabric that were combined in raw-edge collage fashion to create the cheerful seahorse, which floats in a garden of seaweed.
Wildfire by Christy Schliesmann

This miniature quilt really stood out with its crisp piecing and fiery colors.  Christy Schliesmann says,  "Foundation piecing was complete, but I had no reason to finish.  Then the Granite Mountain [hotshots] fire news came.  What an inspiration to complete and dedicate this quilt."   The quilt was dedicated to the memory of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in 2013 in the Yarnell Hill fire, the deadliest fire ever in Arizona.

Close up, Wildfire by Christy Schliesmann

In this close up photo you can see the flame-shaped quilting and the crystal embellishments.  The quilt was based on the Circle of Fire design by Pat Wolfe, published in American Quilter in 2009.

AQG President's Quilt by Kathe Carolin, quilted by Jeannie Rogers

Winner of a blue ribbon for Group Quilt, Kathe Carolin says:  "The bold, bright colors and expansive white background are reflective of the influence of the modern quilt movement." Kaffe Fassett fabrics were featured prominently in cool and warm color blocks connected with fabric strips and bordered with flying geese. 

Close up, AQG President's Quilt by Kathe Carolin, quilted by Jeannie Rogers

We enjoyed seeing the longarm quilting done by Jeannie Rogers, who used the Modern Ogee quilting design by Anita Shackelford for the Statler Stitcher.  Here is a closer closeup that shows the pretty variegated thread:

Desert Solitaire by Margit Kagerer

For this original landscape art wall hanging, Margit Kagerer chose locations from Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire including Arches National Park and Canyonlands.  She says:  "I share his love of the Southwest."  Margit incorporated the natural tones of earth and rocks and the brilliant blue of the Southwestern desert sky. 

Close up, Desert Solitaire by Margit Kagerer

The geometric piecing brings to mind the sun's rays shining through clouds to illuminate the natural rock formations.  The mini quilts were separately quilted and then attached to the quilted background.  Margit Kagerer is an accomplished art quilter who has created 250 quilts since 1993; to see more, check out her website and book at Artrageous Fibers.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Highlights of the 2014 Arizona Quilters' Guild show - Day 2

 The Arizona Quilters' Guild just keeps getting better each year ! We think you'll enjoy these interesting and beautiful highlights.  

Shaman's Dream by Sheila Arnold

Second place winner for Small Appliqued Quilts, Sheila notes, " I didn't trust just fusing the appliques, so I machine blanket-stitched them using variegated thread. The pieced background adds dimension and interest to this quilt."  We were intrigued by the Native American theme and  vivid complementary colors of Sheila's work.

Close up, Shaman's Dream by Sheila Arnold

Sheila adds that her work was inspired by the "Shaman's Dream" quilt pattern by Sue Olfers. This vibrantly colored pattern features hunter and animal motifs which are based on petroglyphs of the southwestern United States.

Pickle Promenade by Betty Santa

First place winner in the Machine Embroidery category, Betty notes that her lovely work was constructed using the foundation piecing technique. Betty chose the fabric and thread herself. If you're enchanted by machine embroidery, this work is a real show-stopper.

Close up, Pickle Promenade by Betty Santa

Betty used the Pickle Promenade pattern by Sharon Schamber, based on the traditional "Pickle Dish" quilt pattern. For a detailed and comprehensive lesson on how this magnificent embroidery is created, please see Sharon's instructional You Tube video.

Labyrinth by Nancy McFall

First place winner in the category of Modern Quilts,  Nancy explains, " [A] labyrinth is traced from its entrance to the center, then out again. It's the journey that's important, not the destination. I made it for my son, Chad. "  We really like the way that Nancy used lighter fabric in the center of the quilt to give it such a glowing, luminous effect.
Nancy's dynamic work is based on Wendy Wetzel's Labyrinth of St. Omer pattern, available online from the American Quilters' Society.

Roo Garden by Vicki Bohnhoff

Winner of the Excellent Use of Color Award and second-place winner for Large Pieced Quilts, Vicki notes, "Returning to Australia in 2009, I purchased Aboriginal fabrics [and[  became addicted to 3/4 " hexagons. [I] depicted a kangaroo, dawn rays, and flowers with 4,125 pieces."  Roo Garden also won First Place Traditional Pieced at IQF Houston 2013.

Close up, Roo Garden by Vicki Bohnhoff

We loved all the fabulous fabrics in Vicki Bohnhoff's spectacular quilt, which was an original design. You can hear Vicki talk about making her quilt in this video:

Red Mountain by Audrey Good

Third place winner for Best Group Quilt, these quilters took parts of a painting and made blocks with fabric, yarn, and thread, separating them with handsome neutral tones for the sashing and border. We love the great three-dimensional effect that shows up in Attic Windows pattern quilts, and this one is no exception!

Close up, Red Mountain by Audrey Good

Amidst these sparkling colors, on the right,  you can see the embellished, tall slender, Ocotillo cactus, well-known in the Southwest. The group who made this original design was inspired by Audrey Good's painting of  Red Mountain, a natural geologic site in Mesa, Arizona.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Highlights of the 2014 Arizona Quilters Guild show : Day 1

This is our 5th year attending the spring Arizona Quilters' Guild show.  It's always like finding treasure in the desert!  As you can see, many folks from around North America agree.  It was fun to see cars from Alaska, California, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota... plus Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario (among others!)

Agave Sunset by Jo Ann Kilgroe

Jo Ann says, "Working from an agave (cactus) in my yard, I created this design. I pieced, appliqued, and painted colorful batiks." We loved this stunning quilt which depicts the flora of the Southwestern U.S. so well.

Close up, Agave Sunset by Jo Ann Kilgroe

Agave Sunset won the City of Mesa, Arizona Award exemplary work and also won Second Place for Best Mixed Technique in the small quilts category. Here's a great example of how to blend traditional techniques with a contemporary motif:  Jo Ann made a "flying geese" patchwork panel and spiky piecing to enhance the colors of this vibrant quilt.

O Burrito Mia by Margot McDonnell

Second place winner for Large Pictorial Quilts, Margot says,"From children and a donkey, inspired by a 1970 greeting card, I added background details, employing applique, paint, and embroidery for a folk art effect."

Close- up, O Burrito Mia by Margot McDonnell

This adorable landscape quilt, showing a peaceful village by a mountain lake and darling children off to an adventure on their pet burro, really inspired our imagination. We were impressed by Margot's use of vibrant, clear colors.

Purple Agave by Vicki Bohnhoff

Second place winner for Digital Imaged Quilts, Vicki notes of her original design, "I used a negative, purple, variegated Agave image by photographer Camille Spurlock to print with archival inks onto silk charmeuse for a cactus beaded quilt."

Close up, Purple Agave by Vicki Bohnhoff

Vicki embellished her work with elegant, tiny blue beads which outline and enhance the luminous quality of these spiny, symmetrical leaves.

Koi Pair by Georgia Heller

First place winner for Pictorial Small Quilts, Georgia explains, "[This original design was] made for a 2013 exhibit at the Phoenix Japanese Friendship Garden. A vital part of the beauty and ecology of a Japanese garden are the colorful koi [fish]."

Close up, Koi Pair by Georgia Heller

We enjoyed this lovely machine applique work, along with the pretty thread painting of the undersea plants along the bottom of the quilt.

Roman Tiles, 76 x 76", by Ann L. Petersen

Best of Show and First Place - Large Pieced Award winner this year, Ann writes, "My original center star, borders, layout, and painted quilting designs were added to Norah McMeeking's  St. Mark's Wallhanging  pattern of Roman mosaic tiles."

Close up, Roman Tiles by Ann L. Petersen

Ann notes that after quilting the motifs around the star, she painted them with metallic paint to give them added luster and clarity. This show stopper also won the award for Excellence in Machine Quilting at the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun in the Sun : Day 6 of the Arizona Quilters' Guild Show

Join us for Day 6 in the desert at the Arizona Quilters' Guild 2013 show. We have some eye-catching quilts to show you, whose colors and patterns embody the spirit of the American Southwest !

Delightful Arizona Centennial Challenge by CJ Fuhrmann

C.J. writes, "Delightful Quilters Centennial Challenge - my version. The applique motifs came from Fat Cat Patterns, and I designed the pieced blocks.  If you can't tell,  I LOVE copper!"

Close-up, Delightful Arizona Centennial Challenge by CJ Fuhrmann

The phrase "Centennial Challenge" comes from the Arizona Centennial celebration of 2012, in which Arizona celebrated 100 years of statehood. In the copper setting triangles, you can see the sunburst pattern, which replicates the sunburst on Arizona's state flag.

Jezebel by Monika Hancock, quilted by Debbie Stanton

Jezebel impressed us as having very lifelike, striking features. Blue ribbon winner for Best Pictorial Small Quilt, Monika says, "I enjoyed doing this pattern, which I enlarged by 50 percent." We recognize this as a pattern designed by Toni Whitney.

Close-up, Jezebel by Monika Hancock, quilted by Debbie Stanton

 Longarm quilter Debbie Stanton won an aqua ribbon award for Best in Show - Exemplary Machine Quilting for Jezebel.  Notice the careful rows of curved, parallel quilting on the horse's white mane, which gives texture and dimensionality to this pattern. 

Rusty Blues New York Beauty by Leslie Milde, quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez

Rusty Blues won the 2013 Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Award for a quilt deserving of special recognition.  Leslie Milde writes, "This is my first New York Beauty [pattern], paper pieced using batiks.  It is machine quilted and embellished with crystals and thread. "

Close-up, Rusty Blues New York Beauty by Leslie Milde

 In this close-up, you can see the careful placement of many crystals along the seam lines of the blocks and the detailed quilting of each segment by longarm quilter Jessica Jones Gamez.

5 Seasons by Sue Rathjen

Sue writes,  "A tree evolving through five seasons  (two winters) in unison with earth and sky background changes. Machine pieced and quilted." Sue has done an excellent job of choosing the background colors, especially the right and left backgrounds next to the border, which symbolize the pale, icy, almost luminous skies with the high thin clouds of winter.  

Infused with Turquoise by Magdalena Castillo-Cockrum

Magdalena notes, "[This quilt was part of ] the Endless Possibilities Round Robin Challenge." In a round robin challenge, the quilt is started by one person, then a second , third, and fourth person adds more fabric and patterns, until the quilt reaches its desired size.  Infused with Turquoise starts as a traditional Dresden Plate block in black and white, then alternating borders of turquoise and black and white prints are added. The flowers you see on the white background at the top and bottom borders of the quilt are appliqued on the fabric in broderie perse style.  They are cut from the same fabric that comprises the black and white setting triangles on the right and left sides of the quilt.  

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun in the Sun : Day 5 of the Arizona Quilters' Guild Show

Are you looking for some "eye candy" to inspire you to start a new quilt or finish one that's currently under construction?  Here are some more fantastic quilts from Mesa, Arizona, home of the 2013 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show.

Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

This dazzling show-stopper is the aqua ribbon winner for Best in Show Workmanship and blue ribbon winner for Best Small Quilt Using Mixed Techniques.  JoAnn writes of her pieced and appliqued creation,  "I used wonderful batiks to paint a water color of four butterflies surrounding a radiant Lone Star center.  The quilting totally completes my flutter garden." 

Close-up, Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

These gorgeous butterflies in each corner are cleverly camouflaged as floral bouquets. Jo-Ann has made a very effective use of a split complementary color scheme of soft yellows, oranges, and corals juxtaposed with shades of violet.

Quilting detail, Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

In this close-up, you can see the outstanding quilting patterns done by longarm quilter Jessica (Jones) Gamez.

The Harvesters by Vera Burns

Vera writes,  "This quilt was inspired by a poster put out by the U.S. government after World War II. It was encouraging home production of food." A colorful inner border of randomly pieced half-square triangles accentuates the colors of the earth and sky,  while giving  a cheerful rustic appearance to Vera's creation. This quilt won second prize in the Pictorial-Small category.

Close-up of The Harvesters by Vera Burns

Vera has done a wonderful job of capturing the look of rugged determination in the detailed facial expressions of  "The Harvesters."

A-mazing by Monika Hancock

Monika notes, "I found this pattern in a quilt magazine and thought it would be fun to construct. Debbie [Stanton's] longarm quilting made it even more interesting." Monika's very effective use of solid fabrics in dark, medium, and light values create an intriguing sense of three-dimensionality when viewed from a distance. This quilt won Honorable Mention in the Pieced-Large category.

Close-up of A-mazing by Monika Hancock

In the close-up photo you cannot see the illusion... it is only apparent when you step back!  (Note: The "Labyrinth Walk" pattern was published in the April/May 2012 issue of Quilt Magazine; the back issue can be purchased here.  The original design, inspired by a tile floor, is by Christopher Florence at The Guilty Quilters.)

Time Share Quilt #6 - Dresden Plates by Susan Norris

Susan says of her quilt with the vintage design,  "Dresden Plate [blocks] from the 1930's, hand appliqued on Amish colored backgrounds. Hand quilted designs with Sulky variegated 12 weight thread."  We loved the homey, inviting appearance of this quilt, especially the very cheerful hearts which comprise the center of each block. 

Close-up of Time Share Quilt #6 - Dresden Plates by Susan Norris

Susan has done a very interesting and effective hand quilting pattern which shows up especially well on the solid color background squares. In addition, this close-up of the Dresden Plate blocks shows the original fabrics produced in the 1930's.

Image credits: All photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun in the Sun : Day 4 of the Arizona Quilters' Guild Show

Quilt Inspiration is back in the Arizona desert today for a continued visit to the 2013 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show.  Here are four lovely quilts which really caught our eye at this fun quilt show. 

Swallowtail Summer by Patsy Kittredge

Patsy notes, "Using three photos taken in my garden, I constructed the butterflies, and then tried a lot of layouts until coming to the design that conveyed movement. "

Close-up, Swallowtail Summer by Patsy Kittredge

Here you can see the beautiful detail and careful applique work done by Patsy to make the delicate and graceful butterfly appear very life-like.

Sunlit Circles by Ann L. Petersen

Blue ribbon winner for Best Pieced Quilt of medium size,  Ann writes, "Sunlight through star windows is shown with pieced spiky blocks pieced into an asymmetrical setting, balanced with repetition of circles and lines across the quilt. The muted blue background contains its own set of deeper blue circles, designed to accentuate the lighter circles in the foreground."

Close-up, Sunlit Circles by Ann L. Petersen

The backgrounds on the offset center medallion are pieced to depict windows through which the viewer can look outside to see nature, including a variety of flowers and a butterfly.

Close-up, Sunlit Circles, border by Ann L. Petersen

In addition to a blue ribbon, Ann also won the aqua ribbon for Exemplary Machine Quilting on a Stationary Sewing Machine. This photo shows her outstanding work on the quilt's scalloped border, which is enhanced with yellow piping. For more close-up photos of this work, see our Exemplary Quilting board at Pinterest.

The Nest Quilt by Carrie Bloomston

Honorable Mention winner for Best Pictorial Large Quilt, Carrie says,  "The Nest Quilt came to me all at once on a hike up Piestewa Peak. It comes from my life as an abstract painter." 

Close-up, The Nest Quilt by Carrie Bloomston

In this close-up, you can see the raw-edged fabrics comprising the outside of the nest, as well as the longarm machine quilting of the backbround, whose smaller circles match the ones found on the focal point, the two white eggs.  Note added on 6/24/13: The pattern for The Nest Quilt is available at Such Designs and you can read Carrie's post about the quilt at her blog: suchity such.

In Bloom by Renee Caswell

Second place winner for Best Pictorial Large Quilt, Renee writes, "This is an original design started during a Jane Sassaman workshop. I had fun with trapunto and embellishing [with beads] to bring the bloom to life."

Close-up, In Bloom by Renee Caswell

In Bloom was one of the favorites at this year's show, (judging by all the complimentary remarks we heard). "The puffy flower" as it was admiringly called, displays such a lively personality through the juxtaposition of a variety of mauve, green, and orange plaids, checks, and prints.

Image Credits: Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.
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