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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Sewn Up: Wedding Ring Quilts

For the past few weeks we've been focusing on our favorite Double Wedding Ring Quilts.  Here's a wrap-up of the Best of Wedding Ring Quilts at Quilt Inspiration !

Above, Row 1: Jeweled Wedding Ring pattern by Karen Earlywine and Kay Connor, from: Link to the 30's: Making the Quilts we Didn't Inherit (Martingale); Jeweled Wedding Ring by Robyn Tischner at Bolo Heads ; Bachelor's Wedding Ring by Eric Gunson at Pieceful Expressions ; 10 Years and Still Over the Rainbow by Michèle-Renée Charbonneau at Quilt Matters. Row 2: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 2013 Raffle Quilt by the River City Quilters Guild (California),  photo by Quilt Inspiration, adapted from Jennifer Chiaverini’s Caroline’s Wedding Quilt pattern;  Rings n' Things by Karen Earlywine and Kay Connors, from:  Link to the 30's: Making the Quilts we Didn't Inherit (Martingale); Single Girl Quilt by Denyse Schmidt at Denyse Schmidt Quilts; Bali Wedding Star by Judy Niemeyer Quilting . Row 3: Flowers for my Wedding Ring by Judy Niemeyer Quilting; Diamond Wedding Ring by Diana Simkins for Judy Niemeyer Quilting ; Grandma's Wedding Ring by Judy Niemeyer Quilting . Row 4: Glowing Wedding Ring, Dresden Plate Wedding Ring, Crazy Wedding Ring and Broken Pickle Dish patterns by Virginia Robertson Designs . Row 5: Jewel Tone Wedding Ring and After The Wedding by Debby Schnabel at Debby Quilts ;  Double Wedding Ring Quilts by Bonnie Hwang and Mary Pona at Fun Easy Designed .

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of the designers.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding Ring Quilt Inspiration... and free patterns

In The Romance of Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Robert Bishop observes that the Double Wedding Ring is the most popular pattern in the history of quilting. The original (1928) pattern explained the origin of the design: "When some good but unknown man conceived the idea of a double wedding ring ceremony it gave his wife an equally good idea: she worked the two circles into a double wedding ring quilt."  We're introducing this series with some inspiring Double Wedding Ring and Pickle Dish quilts (and free patterns! note: this post was updated on December 19, 2013).

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 2013 Raffle Quilt by the River City Quilters Guild (California);  photo by Quilt Inspiration

First place winner for "Best Group Quilt" in their 2012 quilt show, this is the RCQG’s Opportunity Quilt for 2013. It is adapted from Jennifer Chiaverini’s Caroline’s Wedding Quilt  (a Double Wedding Ring quilt embellished with floral appliqués, a cherished gift for a very special bride). The quilt was made by 25 applique artists and 4 piecers. This quilt has four gradations of red and green fabrics, creating an elegant luminous quality.  You can see the detail of the blocks in the close-up photo:

Bachelor's Wedding Ring by Eric Gunson at Pieceful Expressions

Shown above is one of our favorite designer double wedding ring quilts: Eric Gunson's "Bachelor's Wedding Ring". We first featured this stunning quilt in a 2011 Blue Quilt series called The Blues. Eric Gunson is the lead designer at Pieceful Expressions, which is his family's business in Sisters, Oregon.  The flowers reflect Eric's love of wildflower photography.

Double Wedding Ring design

The diagram below, from a free pattern at Quilt Magazine, shows the pieces which form the rings in a basic Double Wedding Ring quilt:

In this diagram there are 6 fabric wedges in each arc, but there may be as many as twelve or more. The wedges can be cut from templates and pieced traditionally, or they can be foundation paper pieced. Once the arcs are constructed, they are attached to the melons (B) and center shapes (A) with curved piecing; alternatively, the finished arcs can be appliqued on a background block. In addition, the arcs can be made from a single fabric, without any piecing, as in the 2007 auction quilt shown below:

The Double Wedding Ring design - first published in 1928 - is believed to be a variation of an even older pattern called Pickle Dish (see the article by historian Barbara Brackman).  Barbara explains that a wedding ring quilt has four-sided patches in the arcs, whereas a pickle dish quilt has triangular pieces as shown below.

Pickle Dish Quilt, c. 1930, seen at Ebay (January 2013)

In this colorful 1930's Pickle Dish Quilt you can see that the rings are pieced with triangles that form spiky sawtooth points:

Close-up, 1930's Pickle Dish quilt seen at Ebay
Kaffe Fassett's Pickle Dish Quilt

Just when you thought the naming was straightforward, on the cover of Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Romance  there is a hot pink quilt which looks like a cross between a fat wedding ring and a Dresden fan.  This is Kaffe Fassett's Pickle Dish Quilt. Whether you call it a Pickle Dish or a Double Wedding Ring, we love Kaffe's brilliant, vintage-inspired design !

Golden Wedding Ring, 1940's, seen at Ebay (January 2013)

This beautiful and unusual vintage quilt from the 1940's features a design known as a Golden Wedding Ring.  This outstanding quilt reminds us of a masterpiece in the American Folk Art Museum (see the photo by Red Pepper Quilts). We love the sunny orange and yellow stars:

A 1989 pattern for a Golden Wedding Ring quilt, originally seen at Ebay, shows the construction of the blocks:

We can hardly wait to show you some more fabulous Wedding Ring quilts.  In the meantime, here are some free patterns for your collection!

Above, Row 1: Double Wedding Ring, free pattern by Darlene Zimmerman at Simplicity (requires Simpli-EZ templates); Ophelia Wedding Ring quilt, free pattern by Konda Luckau for Timeless Treasures Fabrics; Double Wedding Ring, free pattern by Debby Kratovil for the Feedsack VI Collection at Windham Fabrics (designed for fusible applique).  Row 2: Double Wedding Ring, free block pattern for Island Batiks as seen at Quilt Magazine; Double Wedding Ring Quilt by Marsha Evans Moore at Free Spirit Fabric for a collection by Jennifer Paganelli at Sis Boom (for those who would like a tutorial on this pattern, see the 2011 quilt along by The Plaid Scottie); Flea Market Fancy quilt by Lucy A. Fazely for the Denyse Schmidt collection at Free Spirit Fabric. Row 3: Pickle Dish April 2010 Cook-off block pattern, free download, visit American Quilter and click on the first link on the page; Pickle Dish table runner, free pattern by Darlene Zimmerman at Simplicity (requires Simpli-EZ templates).

Coming up next... top designers' Double Wedding Ring quilts!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The end of the Blues

We're wrapping up "The Blues" with a look at the dazzling quilts we've featured over the last two weeks. And, we've come to a few conclusions. First, we love the color Blue, in all its manifestations. Second, we are captivated by bold graphic designs with high contrasts: there is nothing bland about these quilts! Finally, just looking at these quilts makes us feel serene and hopeful... which means that color psychology is for real!

Top row, L-R: Bachelor’s Wedding Ring, by Eric Gunson, at Pieceful Expressions; Kaleidoscope, the 2010 ASIJ Auction Quilt by Julie Fukuda and colleages, as seen at My Quilt Diary; Yuletide Snowflake design, by Joanna Figueroa, at Fig Tree Quilts (the quilt shown was made by Connecting Threads). Row 2: Glowing Splendor, by Barbara Cline, at Delightful Piecing; Teacup, by Maria Elkins, at Maria Elkins Art Quilts; Embroidered Japanese Crests, by Susa Glenn, at Susa Glenn Designs. Row 3: Victorian Gingerbread, by Janice Lee Baehr, at Pacific Rim Quilt Company; Albers at Sea, by Debra Levin, at the Empire Quilters Guild; Delft Storm, by Ionne McCauley, at Ionne Quilts.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of the artists.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Blues

The hues in the blue range have been shown to have the highest preference among people. Blue is beneficial to mind and body, causing a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. Blue is thought to suppress appetite; if you put your food on a blue plate, you will eat less. (This does not explain the blue plate special !)   Joen Wolfrom says that blue is the most popular color for a monochromatic design: "Blues create refreshing, airy, and serene moods. They can suggest sophistication, elegance, and formality."  Finally, blue is a traditional symbol for weddings. Have you heard the saying "Marry in blue, lover be true" ?  The symbolism and psychology of 'blue' are embodied in this stunning new design.

Bachelor's Wedding Ring, multi-sized, by Eric Gunson, at Pieceful Expressions

The Bachelor's Wedding Ring pattern combines a traditional favorite, the Wedding Ring pattern, with sparkling flowers that reflect Eric Gunson's love for wildflower photography. He creates all of his designs on the computer, and he sees his craft as a combination of graphic arts and sewing.  He is the lead designer at Pieceful Expressions, his family's business in Sisters, Oregon (see About Us). Recently, Eric was chosen to design the 2011 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Raffle Quilt! To learn more about Eric Gunson, see the fun article called Breaking the Quilting Gender Gap

Image credits and additional links:  The copyrighted image of Bachelor's Wedding Ring is shown with the generous permission of Eric Gunson.  Previously we featured Nine Beauties Dancing, a Pieceful Expressions design by Nicole Gunson, in an article on Batiks and Stars - A Match Made in Heaven.

The quote by Joen Wolfrom is from the book ColorPlay. Also check out Color - Messages and Meanings- A PANTONE Color Resource.  Finally, stay tuned this week and next for more beautiful Blue quilts!

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