Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FantaSea of Quilts

~June 5-6, 2010
~Beach Cities Quilters Guild, Southern California

June is nearly upon us, along with several outstanding quilt shows (and opportunity quilts!) Today we're featuring the annual show of the Beach Cities Quilters Guild in Southern Orange County, California. The Beach Cities Quilters are known for their outstanding applique work, as evidenced by "FantaSea of Beauty", below. This magnificent opportunity quilt was designed by Sheryl Smith-Bailey and machine pieced, hand appliqued, and hand quilted by guild members.

Notice the intricate detail on the floral bouquets, and the perfect white-on-red sashing between the blocks (click on the image for an even larger view). And, you can participate in the raffle - and perhaps win this masterpiece - even if you can't attend the show. What an opportunity! Raffle tickets are only $1 each, or 6 for $5 (which is less than the cost of a fancy cup of coffee). It's easy: contact Elaine Pappas-Puckett at 949-831-1072 and she will give you the address to mail a check. The quilt will be awarded Sunday, June 6, 2010, at 3 pm. For complete details on the FantaSea of Quilts show, visit the show website.

Image credits: Thanks go to the Beach Cities Quilters Guild for the photos, and for the inspiration.


  1. very pretty! I love applique and this one is very well made!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! Thanks for posting the photos. Is there a pattern available?

  3. Linda, the guild tells us that the design is original and there is no pattern. I'm sure the guild appreciates the compliment though!


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