Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best of Cat Quilts! Part Two

One of the things that has been so exciting about this Best of Cat Quilts series is the amazing range of  techniques and styles that these artists have brought to their works. We think that today's artists will knock your socks off with their sublime creations. All we can say is: Life (in quilting) is good! We hope you enjoy The Best of Cat Quilts - Part Two.

My Cats Garden, 52 x 50, by Maggie Walker, at Maggie Walker Design

"My Cats Garden", by Maggie Walker, is a wonder to behold. This dreamy album quilt features exotic cats and tropical orchids, set against a luminous backdrop. The quilt includes a striking Burmese, Birman Blue Point, American Tabby, Persian, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, British Tabby, and an Egyptian Mau (wow! Did you know that the Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed of domesticated cat? You can "spot" him in the lower left of the quilt.) The center medallion, shown below, features a Bombay and Siamese Lilac Point cat frolicking in an idyllic garden.

Many talented quilters have fallen in love with My Cats Garden: take a look at one fabulous rendition here (the related post is here.) For more information and the complete pattern, visit the My Cats Garden page. Cat fanciers and quilters should also look at Maggie's delightful House Cats. We're enthusiastic about so many of Maggie Walker's quilts that we could go on and on... instead, we'll simply invite you to browse all of the designs at Maggie Walker Design.

Jamie and Jessie, by Grace J. Errea, at Amazing Quilts by Grace

Amazing quilts by's not only the name of a website, but an accurate description of the quilts of Grace J. Errea.  A contemporary fiber artist, designer and quilter (and cat owner), Grace J. Errea began quilting in 2000. Her exceptional work illustrates and has been recognized for its primary use of values, and secondary use of color. Her focus on value is fundamental to her inspiring botanicals, landscape scenes and portraits... you can clearly see how this approach works in practice by looking at this fascinating before-and-after picture of the cat shown above, from Grace's photo-inspired art quilt workshop (you'll be amazed !)  Also take a look at her brilliant - and fierce - Eagle.  You can see an entire list of inspiring classes on her workshop page. For a visual treat, visit Grace J. Errea's online galleries.

Kitty Corner, 89.5 x 89.5, by Janet Fogg, at Janet Fogg Quilts

We've admired Janet Fogg's quilts for a long time, and it perhaps goes without saying that Kitty Corner is magnificent. It is no surprise that this quilt has won three Viewers Choice awards, four first place awards, and one best of show award in the competitive quilt arena (for the entire list of awards, click on the above link). We can only imagine just how impressive this Kitty must be, considering the grand scale of this quilt (89.5" square) !  If you have not yet seen Janet Fogg's gallery, we promise that you will be mesmerized by her original, artistic creations (cat lovers and quilters: be sure to take a look at the regal kitty named Neferkiti). Recently, Janet announced the opening of her quilting design studio, which is housed in a restored 1917 colonial near Portland, Oregon; you can read about her studio and workshops on her design studio page.

Image credits: Images are shown with the generous permission of the artists; we sincerely thank them for their inspiring works.

Stay tuned! On Friday we'll post the third and final installment of The Best of Cat Quilts, featuring some very cool cats with a contemporary flair. As a friend of ours would say: Be there, or be !


  1. After seeing these cat quilts, I am inspired to make one from a photo of my cat. The only problem is getting the time to do it, I'll have to put it on my list of quilts to make. These are really beautiful quilts with a lot of different techniques so there is plenty of ideas here.

  2. Spectacular Finds! As you said these are truly works of art.

  3. These are great! I just discovered your blog via Ruth Powers' blog and I'll be sure to be back.


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