Monday, February 14, 2011

Infinite variety in red and white

If you love red-and-white quilts, there is a resource you won't want to miss.  Stella Rubin, the owner of Stella Rubin Antiques,  has a spectacular selection which includes the rare quilt pattern shown below.

Gordion Knot Quilt, circa 1890, 78 x 78", courtesy of Stella Rubin Antiques

This beautiful quilt, with its straight lines and uncluttered design,  has a contemporary feel which we love. The borders are wonderfully quilted with a feather design that provides a contrast to the straight lines of the pieced pattern; for detail views, visit the Gordion Knot Quilt page.

The Gordion Knot is just one of many outstanding red-and-white quilts on Stella Rubin's site.  Check out these classic beauties: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul; Lemon Peel; Delectable Mountains; Windmill Blades; Carpenter’s Square; Hole in the Barn Door; Irish Chain; and Feathered Stars.  The latter quilt dates to circa 1830, making it an astonishing 180 years old.  In fact, you can learn a lot about antique quilts and quilt patterns just by browsing Stella Rubin Antiques. She is internationally recognized as the top quilt dealer in the United States and one of the foremost dealers in the world.

Ms. Rubin's quilts are always a highlight of the American Antiques Show.  To see a picture of her booth at the 2011 show, along with a quilt that was a real showstopper, check out the fun article called Something to Crow About (you'll be glad you did !)

Image credits and additional resources: The image of the Gordion Knot Quilt is the copyright of Stella Rubin Antiques and is shown with permission. Stella Rubin is the author of the definitive tome, How to Compare and Value American Quilts.

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