Monday, August 8, 2011

Quilts for kids, by Mrs. Moen

Anna, Birte, Clara, Dorrit, Edvarda, Fredrikke, Gyda, and Hildur.  These are the names of birds designed by Nina Lise Moen, a textile artist based in Norway.  Just as certain artists - most notably, Charley Harper - became famous for their stylized birds, Mrs. Moen’s birds reveal her original, artistic style. Her brilliant mini quilt, "Comfort",  is one of 8000 art panels that will be connected side by side to wrap the Saturn V Moon Rocket.  The birds also are featured in her outstanding collection of patterns.

Comfort, 24 x 24”, Dream Theme panel, by Nina Lise Moen, at Mrs. Moen

Clara & Fredrikke (left) and Dorrit (right), by Nina Lise Moen at Mrs Moen Patterns

Here is some good news: eight of Mrs. Moen’s funky birds come in a pattern that can be used to make a slew of projects, such as the pillows shown above, mini-quilts, and more. You can mix and match the projects, as you wish. Shown above are Clara, Fredrikke, and the majestic Dorrit, with her red cape.  These birds are so lovable, they are guaranteed to make you smile.

Flower Angel (left), and Flower Bouquet (right), by Nina Lise Moen at Mrs. Moen Patterns

These flowers will last for a long time ! These are two of the charming patterns that can be found at Mrs. Moen's Patterns; you can see the projects in additional colors on the patterns page. Mrs. Moen says, "Make a few extra bouquets and you'll have flowers ready for the next time you need some to give away".  What a great idea.

Image credits: Images are shown with the generous permission of Nina Lise Moen. She has been quilting for 12 years, and she also designs patterns and teaches classes. Her blog can be found at Mrs. Moen's blogspot. Also, check out her fabulous Mix and Match for Christmas pattern.

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