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Quilt Inspiration Classics: In Full Bloom

~ "I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." ~ Claude Monet

Are the flowers blooming where you are ?  In much of the Northern Hemisphere, the spring flowers are in full bloom. This post first appeared in the spring of 2010. The designers featured here have used their fabrics as palettes, creating vivid floral tableaux. 

Geraniums, 20 x 22, by Edyta Sitar, at Laundry Basket Quilts

Primitive rose, 25 x 30, by Edyta Sitar, at Laundry Basket Quilts

Edyta Sitar was born in Poland and raised in Germany before coming to the U.S. Her love of nature and of quilting inspired her to create her beautiful floral designs, including Geraniums and Primitive Rose, above. All of the Laundry Basket Quilt patterns, including raw edge, patchwork, and traditional applique designs (including Midnight Blooms) are available on the website, here.

Flowers are love's truest language. ~ Park Benjamin

Rose in a vase, 18 x 22, by Shelley J. Greener, at SJ Greener Quilts

Red roses, by Shelley J. Greener, at SJ Greener Quilts

Shelley J. Greener is an award-winner quilter and designer, who has won accolades for her quilts and for her innovative construction techniques. Her original floral and still life designs, including her Rose in a Vase (shown above), Apple Basket, and Flores Brillantes are wonderfully realistic. Also don't miss seeing the floral applique in Shelley Greener's stunning Blue Lace quilt, which was designed for the 2007 Dutchess Heritage raffle. "Blue Lace" has gorgeous applique blocks in three styles, in vivid shades of blue and violet (a pattern book is available!) To view more original works, see her gallery and quilts for sale pages.

Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunflower, 18 x 18, by Melinda Bula, at Melinda Bula Designs

Summer rose, 25 x 25, by Melinda Bula, at Melinda Bula Designs

Melinda Bula is a renowned artist and designer, who first became known for her original hand silk screened wallpapers and fabrics. Since 1996, Melinda has focused on quilts (her first love). Her best-selling book, Cutting Garden Quilts, contains patterns for a rose, pansies, clematis, coneflower, and apples... and a wealth of visual inspiration. Her truly Fabulous Fusible Flower patterns include Sunflower and Summer Rose (shown above) and many more.

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~ Emma Goldman

Garden Flowers, 14 x 18, by Laura Wasilowski, at ArtFabrik

Trio of tulips, 10 x 13, by Laura Wasilowski, at ArtFabrik

 Laura Wasilowski is a contemporary quilt maker, author, teacher, and creator of luminous hand-dyed fabric and thread. Her quilts have been featured in museum collections, exhibits, and books. Garden Flowers and Trio of Tulips (above), as well as Wild Rose and Blue Cosmos are just a few of her patterns.

My first memory is of the brightness of light ... light all around. I was sitting among pillows on a quilt on the ground...
~ Georgia O'Keefe

Georgetown Poppies, 20 x 30, by Carol Morrissey, at O Carol Designs

Poppy, 36 x 48, by Carol Morrissey, at O Carol Designs

Carol Morrissey designs quilts and patterns, teaches classes and workshops, and hand-dyes fabrics. Her love of quilting, gardening, photography are all reflected in her fantastic flowers and other quilt designs. In addition to her perfect Poppies, shown above, her floral designs - which are made for fusible applique - include exquisite iris, pansies, and bluebonnets.

I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty. ~ Georgia O'Keefe

Passion Flower, 42 x 44, by Cleo Mounday, at Cleo's Designs

Roses, 41 x 59, by Cleo Mounday, at Cleo's Designs

Cleo Mounday draws on her background of photography and interior decorating, and her love of gardening, to inspire people to find colors they love around them and to include them in their lives through clothing and quilts. Her realistic, colorful flowers are larger than life: in Roses (above), which measures 41 x 59, the largest rose is 16" x 14" and is made of 18 pieces of fabric. To browse a complete gallery of Cleo's Designs, visit her pattern page here.

To plant a garden is ... to believe in summer, to have faith in tomorrow, to have hope in the future. ~ Anonymous

Iris, 14 x 23, by Brenda Yirsa, for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

Plumeria, 19.5" x 24", by Brenda Yirsa, for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company

Brenda Yirsa is a pastel artist and oil painter whose work depicts landscapes, portraiture, and abstracts. She has designed quilt patterns for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company based on her original paintings. Her designs create a sense of depth through shading and layering of the fabrics, making us feel as if we can reach out and touch the flowers. Her glorious iris (above), tulips, and rose are among her newest patterns.  For a complete list of her patterns, visit the online store. For more information on Brenda Yirsa's original artwork, visit her gallery.

A beautiful garden is a work of heart. ~ Anonymous

A beautiful quilt is a work of heart. ~ Quilt Inspiration

Image Credits : All images are shown with permission of the artists.


  1. They are all amazing. On first glance they look like paintings but with so much more detail.

  2. This is the most fabulous post!!! It will take me a week just to go to all the wonderful sites you have given us links for.

    Thanks so much for the eye candy. From an applique/flower lover.

  3. Katell, quilteuse foreverApril 3, 2012 at 6:18 AM

    All these quilts are so joyful, so are every flowers... In France too, spring flowers and trees are in full bloom,they are so nice!

  4. Thank you for posting links to free patterns. I appreciate you doing the work of corralling these. I think your blog is an excellent one.


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