Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilt Artist Val Moore from Sydney, Australia

From Sydney, Australia, quilter, designer, and teacher Valmai Moore has dedicated 30 years to expressing her interest in botanical art through the beautiful floral themes of her quilts. Join us today for a look at some gorgeous fabric flowers, as shown on SimplyVal.net.

Day Lilies by Val Moore at SimplyVal.net

Day Lilies is a quilt pattern of tessellating, or interlocking shapes designed by Jinny Beyer. Val constructed this quilt using both machine and hand-piecing to join the multiple segments, points, and curves. Three monochromatic colorways comprised of a warm, cool, and neutral hue join together to make these sophisticated, pretty, curved blossoms.  

Australian Wildflower by Val Moore at SimplyVal.net

Val Moore's many original designs are based on floral themes.  Val says: "I sought to reflect the uniquely delicate beauty of the Australian flora in my applique designs, using many hand dyed fabrics & embroidery to capture the fine detail." The Australian Wildflower quilt is her favorite quilt; and it's easy to see why, since the applique design and handwork are so elegant and artistic. We think these blocks are lovely, especially the Red-Centered Hibiscus and Flame Pea block in the upper left-hand corner. The patterns and fabric kits for each of the nine blocks can be purchased at SimplyVal.net on the patterns page.

Summer Roses by Val Moore at SimplyVal.net

We really enjoy this eye-catching quilt with its symmetrical stars and lively appliqued flowers. The colorful prairie points border adds a dynamic touch to this cheerful design, which is reminiscent of a Baltimore Album Quilt.

Symbols of Japan by Val Moore at SimplyVal.net

Val says that her Symbols of Japan was a "must do" following a visit to the Tokyo Quilt Show. We loved the dazzling complementary colors of fuchsia pink and spring green which are used throughout this work. Val writes that the intriguing designs seen here are inspired by MON, a Japanese emblem, badge, or crest, which can be based on geometric, floral, or animal forms.  We're showing this quilt in a large format so that you can see the beautiful quilting in each block.

Waratah by Val Moore at SimplyVal.net

Val machine appliqued and hand quilted this very life-like design of  the Waratah flower.  Native to Australia, the Waratah is the state flower of New South Wales where Val lives. The subtly shaded pieces of red and green fabric look so realistic, it seems as if the flower is just waiting to be picked off the quilt and added to a bouquet.  

Image credits: Photos are shown with the generous permission of Val Moore. You can see more of her quilts and patterns, and read about her classes, at SimplyVal.net.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! What beautiful work! You have just changed my Friday morning, from grey and raining in Utah, to great colorful possibilities!


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