Monday, June 4, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show: Day 1

On Saturday, June 2,  we attended the Wine Country Quilt Show, sponsored by the local quilt guilds from Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa, California. Join us for a look at the lovely work produced by these talented groups of quilters !

President's Baskets by Cindy Chadwick

Cindy writes, "The 17 bright fabrics were fat quarters given to me as a gift for my second term as president for the guild, hence the name I gave the quilt."  We think that the log cabin inner border adds such a vibrant, contemporary look to this popular traditional pattern.  

Rob's Quilt by Kathy Martin

Kathy made this quilt for her son Rob, using the New York Beauty pattern of points arrayed in circular arcs. Her skillful use of  light and medium shades of neutral hues gives this quilt interesting depth and shadows. Notice how Kathy has appliqued sprays of leaves that follow the circular shape of the blocks for extra visual interest. 

Twilight Wilderness by Patricia Foss

This quilt features a very outsdoorsy, woodlands theme, where neutral tone courthouse steps blocks are alternated with silhouettes of wildlife. Patricia says that the animal blocks are cut from a fabric panel with soft black Minky fabric as the backing. 

B.O.M.  "D"  Plates by Kathy Martin

Quilter Kathy Martin from Top Stitchers took a variety of Block-of-the-Month Dresden Plate patterns and very artfully arranged them in a unique and creative setting. We loved the butterflies that seem to dance around the plates, and the flowered centers of the plates which mirror the cheerful border. 

Sunflower by Mary Flynn

Mary writes that this quilt is the result of a class with Melinda Bula.  The warm hues of the giant flower look radiant against the muted spruce green leaves that extend into the border. Mary also did an excellent job in quilting this eye-catching, cheerful art quilt.

Image credits:  All photos are by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Thank you for the quilt show! My favorite is the Dresdan Plates by Kathy Martin.

  2. Beauties! Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are lovely! It looks like you had a ton of (visual) fun!

  4. Re: Rob's Quilt. Nice quilt but I like the original better.

  5. Is there a specific pattern that was followed for Rob' s quilt? I've not been able to find one

  6. Hi Becky, we are not aware of a specific pattern for Rob's quilt. You might want to contact the quilter, Kathy Martin. We are not positive but we think she is the same Kathy Martin of TopStitchers in Petaluma. You could contact her via the quilt guild or try this link:


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