Monday, August 13, 2012

Simply Delicious

In the middle of August, in North America, the markets are overflowing with colorful, ripe cantaloupes, peaches, tomatoes and more. We think that a quilt, wall hanging or table topper would be a great way to celebrate the beauty and variety of fruits and vegetables.  We decided to share a few block-of-the-month quilts that are among our all-time favorites.  So let's get started... with Simply Delicious.

Simply Delicious by Rebecca Goldsmith at Piece O'Cake Designs

"Simply Delicious" was the second block-of-the-month pattern at Piece O'Cake Designs and it is still going strong. We love this classic quilt, which was inspired by vintage botanical prints from the 1800's.  There are twelve different blocks depicting fruit with descriptive names, such as Perfect Pomegranate, Plump Peaches, Choicest Cherries, and Purple Plums.

Purple Plums, 16 x 16", Block 5 of Simply Delicious at Piece O'Cake Designs

In Purple Plums, the colors of the plums varies from red-violet to deepest purple, reflecting the plums at various stages of ripening.  The fruits are appliqued on a four-patch background of blues and neutrals, giving a soft, vintage look to the finished quilt.  Each block finishes at 16" including the small sashing squares, which add to the appearance of gingham. 

Luscious Lemons, Block #4 of Simply Delicious at Piece O' Cake Designs

Each individual block would make a charming wall hanging.  We are particularly partial to Luscious Lemons, above, with its cheerful color scheme.  It would be fun to pick out the fabrics for this block! Check out the beautiful block posted by Penny Sanford, and the work-in-progress by Wanda at Scrap Happy Quilting.

Choicest Cherries, Block #16 of Simply Delicious at Piece O'Cake Designs

We've always loved the look of vintage botanical prints, and "Choicest Cherries" is another of our favorite blocks. For more quilt inspiration, check out the stunning finished Simply Delicious quilts posted by Cotton Kapers and Pine Belt Quilters (Ollie Jean Lane trunk show).

Rebecca Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins are the co-founders of Piece O' Cake Designs, and Linda says that Simply Delicious is one of her all-time favorites from her Piece O' Cake partner (see the interview with Linda and Rebecca at the Robert Kaufman Fabrics blog,  The Swatch and Stitch.)

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Rebecca Goldsmith.


  1. Es una preciosidad. Nos encanta. <Un beso.

  2. Lovely design and quilt. I've been thinking a lot about fruit lately, especially figs as I have fig trees. I liked your X quilts--such a simple design and yet so graphic with so many possibilities.
    best, nadia


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