Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flower Quilts for Spring

To celebrate the arrival of springtime in the northern hemisphere, here are some of cheerful floral quilts from the 2013 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show.  We hope you're inspired by the artistry and talent shown in these quilts!

Ladybug Picnic by Annie Gaunder

Annie writes,  "This quilt was made for the 2012 San Bernadino County Fair Challenge. This is an original design inspired by the challenge's ladybug fabric."

Close up, Ladybug Picnic by Annie Gaunder

Notice the jeweled ladybug pin on the sunflower, which provides a whimsical and life-like embellishment.

Piece-Lique Sunflower by Alyce J. Leach

Honorable Mention winner for Pieced Small Quilts, Alice notes,  "This Piece-lique pattern by Sharon Schamber utilizes the curved piecing technique called Piece-lique. Some of the fabrics are hand-dyed by me. "

Close-up, Piece-Lique Sunflower by Alyce J. Leach

Hundreds of tiny beads help to give texture and sparkle to the petals and center of the sunflower.

My Gecko by Leslie Schneider

Honorable Mention winner for in the Art/Innovative Quilts category, Leslie says, " [This quilt is ] constructed of hundreds of small torn scraps of fabric, glued down on my rough sketch on muslin, then an overlay of black tulle  [netting] added before quilting was done. "

Close up, My Gecko by Leslie Schneider

Here you can see some of the black tulle netting  ( especially in the upper right part of the photo), the beads used as embellishments, and the leafy foliage loosely attached to create a three dimensional effect to the gecko's surroundings.

Prairie Point Blossoms by Polly A. Law

Honorable Mention winner for Small Quilts Using Mixed Media, Polly says, "These dimensional blossoms remind me of  a Japanese garden I visited. Instructions were given by Rami Kim in the Nov. 2011 American Quilters Magazine.

Close up, Prairie Point Blossoms by Polly A. Law

Delicate and precise folding of the fabric reates an exotic and tropical look to the blossoms, framed and encircled by the vinelike leaves.

Lattice Garden, 25 x 30,  by Carol C. Clark, 2012 CCCQG

Lattice Garden, with its restful, clear solid hues, is a quilt which we really enjoyed seeing at the 2012 Contra Costa Quilters' Guild in Concord, California, last year. Carol writes, This is the second quilt I've made with flowers and trellises. The first was appliqued. This quilt was paper pieced with over 478 separate pieces. (Yes, I counted them). The quilt was designed by Eileen Bahring Sullivan of The Designer's Workshop."

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these... those folded flowers are so amazing.

  2. These are breathtaking! Just beautiful! Talent!

  3. Is the ladybug picnic available for purchase?

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