Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilt Show catch up: Part 1

Are you ready for a Summer Quilt Show?  (Or a winter show, for those down under ?) Much to our surprise, we discovered a large cache of 2013 quilt show photos on our camera.  Let's catch up !

Midnight in the City by Linda Matteotti

This quilt won a ribbon and Honorable Mention, Pieced-Medium, at the 2013 Arizona Quilt Show.  Linda Matteotti, who is a professional longarm quilter, says:  "Inspired by Flavin Glover, this quilt is made up of 224 blocks. I designed it using EQ software. Each log cabin block is foundation pieced." You can see the original EQ design at Linda Matteotti's web gallery.

close up, Midnight in the City by Linda Matteotti

If you look carefully you can just pick out the monochromatic log cabin blocks surrounding the little black squares.  This close up photo shows that Linda quilted diagonal trapunto "ribbons" in a woven ribbons design with micro stippling in between. We think the quilting is fabulous.

The Golden Bluefish by Joan E. Salik

This realistic quilt caught our eye because of the lovely design and colors, and the beautiful batik fabrics. The border, which was cut in scallops along the printed design, complements the fish and the undersea theme. Joan Salik, who is also a quilt teacher, says: "I’m an Aquarian and have always loved the Sea, hence my Golden Bluefish! If you are really quiet, you can almost hear the surf."

close up, The Golden Bluefish by Joan E. Salik

This bluefish is done in really elegant blue and gold fabrics. The wavy quilting in the background adds a very realistic look to the watery blue sea.

Heaven and Earth by Carol Plath, quilted by Janice Bahrt

Carol Plath won a third place ribbon for this Pieced-Small quilt at the 2013 Arizona Quilt show.  She says: “I took a Bargello class at Amazing Quilts in Pinetop, Arizona; the class taught me the skills necessary to create this quilt.”

close up, Heaven and Earth by Carol Plath, quilted by Janice Bahrt

In this close-up you can see that Janice Bahrt enhanced the lines of the bargello design with her simple yet elegant quilting.

Scrappy Wrench Blocks by Carolyn Edwards, quilted by Sandy Holderness

For this fun quilt, Carolyn Edwards created four different sizes of churn dash (monkey wrench) blocks.  She says: “This is a Birthday Quilt in my favorite colors! Fourth in a series of pink and brown quilts."   She did a wonderful job in arranging and distributing the light and dark blocks across the surface of the quilt  (it looks more planned than scrappy!) 

 close up, Scrappy Wrench Blocks by Carolyn Edwards, quilted by Sandy Holderness

Here you can see some of the fun calico, paisley and polka dots fabrics in a range of pink and brown hues.  Sandy Holdernessquilted this quilt in large loops and swirls which add interest; the quilting also helps to soften the angular blocks.

Dirndl Dress Shop by Daniele Tanner

Dolly dresses are so much fun, and this three dimensional wall hanging features 16 traditional German and Austrian folk dresses.  Daniele Tanner says: “I saw [this pattern] at the Sewing Festival in January 2012 in Phoenix and I had to make it. The challenge was to find the different fabrics and trims."  Here are some close up photos of Daniele's cute blocks and trims:

close up, Dirndl Dress Shop by Daniele Tanner

Quilting around the dress and attaching the apron only at the waistband creates the charming 3-D effect.  Here is a classic Austrian-looking dirndl in forest green:

The "Dirndl Dress Shoppe" Pattern is by Alison Tichenor and Diane Carter at Cowgirl Quilt Designs.   You can be your own designer by choosing blouse, skirt, bodice and apron combinations; the pattern includes seven different bodice designs.

Image credits:  All photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration at the 2013 Arizona Quilters Guild Show.


  1. love those little dresses - they add so much to the quilt

  2. Beautiful pieces, love seeing art pieces and the dresses is such a fun and creative quilt.



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