Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime in California: Concord quilt show

Sometimes we find the prettiest, best made quilts at our hometown quilt shows!  That was certainly the case at the Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County show on April 6. Here's a look at some of the fun quilts we saw.

Atomic Spring, 80 x 80, by Phyllis McKenna

This quilt was based on the Atomic Bloom design by Wendy Williams at Flying Fish Quilts (Australia). Phyllis says of her mixed technique and machine quilted creation, "[I] just loved the pattern !" So do we, as it was one of the happiest and most radiant quilts that we saw all day. The checkerboard pattern adds extra personality to this very lively work, and we loved the bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Amazon Star 104 x104, by Nancy Ritter

An award winner at this show, Nancy Ritter's dazzling Amazon Star was based on the design of the same name by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer at Quiltworx. Nancy notes that she made it for a friend during a six month Block of the Month program. It was machine quilted by Diana Johnson.

Close up, Amazon Star by Nancy Ritter

Sophisticated batiks and an updated, spiked border give this traditional star pattern such an elegant, contemporary look. We really admire all the work that Nancy put into her super-sized masterpiece.

Sleep Tight 46 x 54, by Sandy Butner

Another award winner, Sleep Tight, was based on the Sweet Dreams Lily design by Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill Designs. These darling appliqued designs remind us of some of our beloved stuffed animals that we owned as very young children.

Close up, Sleep Tight by Sandy Butner

Restful pastel rose plaids and prints are livened up by the polka dot border and outline quilting. Look carefully, and you'll see the words "Sweet Dreams" printed on the background fabric. Baby quilts don't get much cuter than this gem !

Springtime , 34 x38, by Audrey L. McInerny

Audrey writes, "I attended Nancy Rink's class on invisible machine quilting and fell in love  with this pattern. Her class was so helpful in all the little things you need to gather and the techniques needed......that I actually went home and started the project!"   Audrey's adorable quilt with its vibrant border and eye-catching blossom of various size valentine hearts earned many compliments from viewers at this show. The quilt is based on the Have a Heart pattern by Nancy Rink. 

Thousand Pyramids 90 x 99, by Shirley Wilson

Shirley states, "My mother pieced this quilt in about 1990, using a cardboard template to cut it out. She had about 3/4 of  it hand quilted, then put it away. When she moved to California in 2003, she gave it to me. I finished hand quilting the triangles, then added the 2 outer borders and quilt them. ...This is another of my three generations quilts, using my grandmother's 1930's and 1940's fabrics, then my mothers fabrics from the 50's and 60's. Most of the pieced border fabrics are contemporary."  We think Shirley did an excellent job of designing the border, which really complements and magnifies the painstaking patchwork and color arrangement of the quilt center.

Kaboom! 52 52, by Donna Brooks

Donna notes, "I wanted to challenge myself with a new techniques. I jumped at the chance to take a course based on  Kool Kaleidoscopes by Ricky Tims and taught by Valerie Yeaton. I succeeded in challenging myself !"

Close up, Kaboom by Donna Brooks

Donna's work is pieced and machine quilted with dynamic spirals on the outer blue star and contemporary bubbles on the inner star.  Gorgeous complementary colors of blue  and orange-yellow really add sparkle to this intriguing medallion quilt.

Antitude , 56 x49,by Sharon Manzanec

We used to sing an old Girl Scout song, "The ants go marching one by one.....", and they do........right onto this cheerful and comical quilt! Sharon writes, "When I saw this fun quilt at ThimbleCreek Quilt Shop, I knew I had to make it. ...I was able to use fabrics I had on hand, and that pleased me. Love to applique, and it was easy. It was machine quilted by Kamala Alahan. "   The Antitude pattern is by Corey Blunt at Chitter Chatter Designs.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.

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  1. Each one is unique and inspiring. I like the idea of a three generation quilt.


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