Friday, June 20, 2014

Under the sea

Join us "Under the Sea" today, as we show some very intriguing aquarium and ocean life quilts. Who hasn't dreamed of being a mermaid at some time in life? Put on your swim fins and jump in the water !

Deep Sea Fantasy, King Neptune and Mermaiden, Diptic Quilt
Christina Belding,  Nova Scotia, Canada

Christina notes, "While working on Mermaiden, I decided that she needed an underwater date (thus King Neptune was created).  Both (these images) are mystical sea creatures whom I have yet to encounter in my scuba diving adventures.... The ocean is a magical experience, the colors beyond anything I have seen anywhere else.  Nature at its finest."  We love the innovated, wildly patterned seashell borders that frame these whimsical quilts.

Quilted by Christina Belding and Ken Grantham, inspired by the fabric collage techniques of Susan Carlson.

The Great Barrier Reef by Miki Murakami, Kawasaki-Si, Kanagawa Pref. Japan

Close up, The Great Barrier Reef by Miki Murakami

Miki notes, "The beauty of the The Great Barrier Reef in Australia in which I traveled was inspirational. I got the idea of the quilt design from the trip." For this original design, Miki used machine piecing and applique, satin stitch, fabric fusing, and machine quilting.  Her use of high chroma  complementary paired  hues such as blue and orange, pink and green, and purple and yellow, creates a vibrant, eye-catching display of color.

Aquarium by Yoshiko Miyamoto, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Ken, Japan

Yoshiko says, "The idea of a pair of quilts is adopted from traditional Japanese sliding doors. I especially tried to detail the muscles, which control the beautifully delicate movement of fins."  The two large quilts were hung exactly side by side, so they are just touching, and the fish were about 3-4 feet tall. Notice the rays of sun shining through the water and the realistic bubbles in this enchanting scene.

Close-up, Aquarium by Yoshiko Miyamoto

In this close-up, you can see some of the very subtle and effective shading of the fish and the background.  We were very impressed by the intricate precision used by Yoshiko to depict these elegant fish. Yoshiko's techniques include reverse applique, painting, and machine quilting.  Her original design was constructed of cotton and the edge fabric tape of a Japanese tatami, a straw mat.

The Magical Mermaid's Castle by Claudia Pfeil, Krefeld, Germany

Claudia notes, ...."Trying to catch my dreams in my quilts, not following the rules- just following my visions! Welcome to the Mermaid's Castle. It is a magical place filled with beauty and wonder. Here, at the Castle, you will find the beauty of the corals, reminders of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Look closely to discover the bubbles, plant life, and underwater wonderland. Watch as the Mermaids invite you in to visit this magical.... oasis."

Close- up, The Magical Mermaid's Castle by Claudia Pfeil, Krefeld, Germany

The Magical Mermaid's Castle was awarded 1st Place - Innovative at the 2013 Pacific International Quilt Festival. A large variety of very admirably done quilting patterns adorn the foreground and background, along with jeweled embellishments.  This fascinating original design is machine appliqued, machine pieced, and long arm quilted.

Mermaid Dreams by Shelli Ricci  Minnesota

Shelli notes, "The inspiration for this quilt came while on a cruise. I wondered, 'Where do mermaids sleep?' Background designs were quilted onto heavy-weight interfacing, trimmed, hand painted with Shiva paint sticks, then re-appliqued onto the quilt. Mermaid and baby were colored with inks, then hand beaded. " 

Close up, Mermaid Dreams by Shelli Ricci

Artistic wavy lines of parallel quilting perfectly symbolize the undulating and ever-changing ocean currents.  Shelli notes of her original design, "The cure for everything is salt water:  sweat, tears, and the sea."

Deep Blue Rhap-Sea-Dy, 30 x 30", by Terri VandenBosch

Wanting to challenge herself,  Terri VandenBosch designed this quilt - from piecing to embroidery designs - in Art & Stitch Software.  She says, "It was so worth the effort to try something outside the box!" The four compass points of the center medallion are embroidered with spirals resembling the nautilus.  The coral and blue fabric is printed with starfish.

Close-up, Deep Blue Rhap-Sea-Dy by Terri VandenBosch

We love these adorable dancing sea horses who appear to almost be kissing among the waving, embroidered seaweed. Terri's embroidery and quilting patterns work very well with the symmetrical curves of this quilt.

Now sing along with us..... ~~~ Under The Sea ~~~


  1. What a wonderful and imaginative collection of quilt. My favorite is Mermaid Dreams - so beautifully executed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are all WONDERFUL!!!! Just Wonderful....but my favorite is Aquarium....amazing work and I'm sure workmanship! Thanks for sharing!

  3. They are all just fantastic,My favorite is the colorful.. The Great Barrier Reef.Thanks for sharing!!


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