Monday, October 20, 2014

Best of the 2014 Pacific International Quilt Festival - Day 2

The Pacific International Quilt Festival, known as PIQF, is the biggest quilt show on the west coast of the United States. In this series, we're displaying some of the fabulous, innovative, and just plain fun quilts we saw there.  This year's theme is  "The Whole Nine Yards", meaning "to show maximum effort in work or play."  Here is Day 2 of our photos.... let us know which quilts are your favorites !

Chinese Journey in Three Parts by Stephanie Crawford, United Kingdom

Best of World prize winner in the World Quilts category, Stephanie says, "This quilt was inspired by an extraordinary trip to China to visit my son, who was living in an ancient temple precinct in a remote part of Hubei. I have three outstanding memories of our journey together from Beijing to Wudang, and this triptych represents them. "

Close-up, Chinese Journey in Three Parts by Stephanie Crawford

These breathtaking views show us a stunning view of the scenery of China, along with some graceful and regal architecture. Stephanie continues about her original design,  "This quilt is wholecloth. It was painted and machine appliqued, then free motion quilted. "

Ruby by Kay Donges, Georgia, U.S.A.

Kay notes, "My quilt goes the whole nine yards by incorporating applique, piecing, and embellishments in order to create a stunning portrait of a mysterious woman. The brightly colored border provides a great contrast to the sophisticated deep black background of this intriguing portrait.

Close-up,  Ruby by Kay Donges (Georgia, U.S.A.)

Kay's original design uses beads, an earring, and jeweled stones are used to embellish the exotic beauty of Ruby. 

The Grapes by Aliza Inbar, Israel

Aliza writes, "One of the seven symbols of Israel is grapes. The grapes represent the richness of the land. They were the inspiration for this quilt. The background is log cabin with fusing on the top and machine quilting. We especially enjoyed the beautiful composition and symmetry of the grapevines and the fruit on Aliza's quilt.

Close-up, The Grapes by Aliza Inbar

The split-complementary color scheme of mauve, violet, aqua green, and yellow-orange really highlights the contrast between the background and the grapevines. Aliza's work is machine appliqued, machine pieced, and machine quilted.

The Peaceful Ones by Denise Havlan, Illinois

First place winner in the Innovative Quilts category of the World Quilt Competition, Denise notes, ["This quilt depicts] two Hopi maidens enjoying the morning sun." Denise has done an outstanding job of  displaying the dignity and serenity of these two Native Americans against the background of their high desert homeland. 

Close-up, The Peaceful Ones by Denise Havlan

Shimmering gold highlights enhance the traditional hairstyle of this Hopi maiden. Denise's original work is machine pieced, hand and machine appliqued, and machine quilted.

Close-up,The Peaceful Ones by Denise Havlan

These prickly-pear cacti sparkle with pretty crystals, and the cactus blossoms show an eye-catching variation of pinks, reds, and violets.

Mount Rushmore by Mary E. Barry, California

Mary writes, " Deciding to make a trip to Mt. Rushmore, I told my husband we needed to do a road trip. It was so impressive! I took many lovely photos to make the quilt, then came home and hand dyed lots of fabric to use with some stash fabric. I then dedicated it to our cherished freedom."  Note that Mary has added the word "Liberty" in block letters at the bottom;  and the bald eagle, the U.S. National Emblem, soars through the sky at the top of the quilt.

Close-up, Mount Rushmore, by Mary E. Barry

Here is a close-up of the stately countenance of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Mary has chosen the perfect shade of gray fabrics which almost perfectly match the gray stone of Mr. Rushmore. Her original design is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration


  1. OH MY!! Looking at these they look like pictures not quilts! What an amazing sight.... WOW! is needed I think! :)

  2. I see the art quilt keeps evolving. I wonder what my grandmother would think of those quilts.

  3. All great quilts, but the Chinese Journey blows me away. I can see why it won that big award. Thanks for sharing.


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