Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Best of the 2014 Pacific International Quilt Festival : Day 5

The Pacific International Quilt Festival, known as PIQF, is the biggest quilt show on the west coast of the United States. In this series, we're displaying some of the fabulous, innovative, and just plain fun quilts we saw there.  This year's theme is  "The Whole Nine Yards", meaning "to show maximum effort in work or play."  Here is Part 5 of our photos!

A Slice of Pi by Terri Budesa, Oregon

Terri says, "I have never been a quilter who seeks out fast and easy patterns. True, I probably would have completed more quilts over the years if that were true. Complexity of design and in fabric combinations drives my quilt making. 'A Slice of Pi' meets all of those requirements and then some."  We love these pretty jewel-toned hues, especially the sapphires and amethysts.

Close up, A Slice of Pi by Terri Budesa

Terri adds, If it has a gazillion pieces, applique, curved seams or other techniques that are challenging, I'm in..........for the whole nine yards."  Her elegant and intriguing stained glass pattern is machine appliqued.

Floral Fantasy by Janice L. Kelber, California

Janice notes, "[With its] whole cloth background, Floral Fantasy was machine appliqued, and flowers were made by hand jewels sewn for the center bloom." This looks like such a great dance dress, that we imagine its wearer is getting ready to really show off her exuberant dance steps.

Close- up, Floral Fantasy by Janice L. Kelber

Some of Floral Fantasy was hand quilted, and some was long-arm quilted by Lori Atwood. In this close-up, you can see the lovely three-dimension flowers with a sparkling stone in the center. She even has a jeweled necklace and earring.

Nite Owl by Sharon Hightower, California

Sharon notes," Nite Owl shows her feathers and her "Just Do It" attitude, representing my favorite quilting guild, the Nite Owls!  She is constructed of commercial cottons and is a raw-edge collage with some thread play as well as machine quilting. "

Close up, Nite Owl by Sharon Hightower

This owl has such a stately, dignified face, that we can't help but smile at his solemnity. Sharon's original design is machine appliqued and  machine quilted.

Close up, Nite Owl by Sharon Hightower

Here's an eye-catching array of warm tones; peaches, golds, and burnt umbers comprise Nite Owl's lavish feathers.

Thera by Donna L. Rice, Oregon

Donna notes of her original design,  "Thera was created by machine piecing and machine applique of cotton fabrics. I used a long arm and a sewing machine to quilt. I then added beads to represent flowers, trees, and vines." With its whitewashed houses with blue trim, "Thera" reminds  us of a fabulous island village in the Mediterranean Sea.

Close up, Thera by Donna L. Rice

These tiny windows and doors are actually machine pieced. Strong, contemporary horizontal quilting lines gracefully balance the vertical buildings as they climb up the hillside.

Poco Loco by Ann Horton, California

Blue ribbon winner for Best Use of Embellishment on a wall quilt, Ann writes, "The spiral spin of life in this crazy quilt celebrates Latino life with Guatemalan fabrics, critters, embroideries....and hand beading adding the spark we all need when we really go "the whole nine yards."

Close up, Poco Loco by Ann Horton

Poco Loco, meaning "A little bit crazy" is a modern update of the traditional crazy quilt from the Victorian era, which displayed prominent embroidery stitches between patches and rich solid colors. Ann's quilt shows many Pre-Columbian motifs of Latin America, such as lizards, salamanders, crickets, and other flora and fauna in nativist patterns.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration


  1. Some of the quilts are lovely but "Floral Fantasy" has no feet!

  2. I love the photos you took and shared of the festival. Thank you.

  3. I like all those but especially the critters, and of course the owl ... being an owl person to begin with.

  4. Words cannot adequately describe how fabulous those quilts are.


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