Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy (quilted) Holidays - The Best of Christmas 2014!

There's something about the December holidays and the art of  quilting which goes together perfectly. Maybe it's the opportunity to share our creative talents and ideas with others in the spirit of the season. In that spirit, we're showing a very festive collection of quilts each week until Christmas. We discovered these quilts at the various shows we've attended in the past year. Enjoy !

December 60 x 60, by Jane Zillmer

From the 2014 American Quilters Society show in Phoenix, Arizona, Jane writes, "December, in all its dark beauty, brightened by snowflakes and surprise bursts of blue sky, was [my] inspiration for this quilt." We loved the dazzling display of intricate snowflakes, reminding us that no two of these marvels of nature are the same.

Close up, December by Jane Zillmer

Jane adds, "I enjoy all aspects of applique and stitching, but machine applique is my favorite."  Each of these lovely snowflakes is an original design from Jane. 

Close up, December by Jane Zillmer

Isn't this a pretty quilting pattern?  Jane notes that after drawing her own feather design for the open spaces in the quilt's borders, she quilted it herself on her home Bernina machine.

Gingerbread Wreaths, made by Felicia Brenoe, quilted by Lisa Sipes

At the 2014 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show, Felicia notes, "[A] cozy holiday atmosphere inspired this quilt." Felicia's charming quilt is machine appliqued and pieced, with hand embroidery on the circular gingerbread men which comprise the wreaths.  

Close up, Gingerbread Wreaths by Felicia Brenoe

The gingerbread men happily dancing around the valentine hearts reminds of the cut-out strands of paper dolls that we played with as children. The Gingerbread Wreath pattern is by A Couple of Sisters Designs.

Sew Fine Snowmen, made and quilted by Michelle Howe

From the 2014 Road to California Show, Michelle says of her quilt,  "My friendship group started a snowman block exchange, but everyone quilt after 3 blocks, so I did the rest myself."   Sounds as if Michelle really saved the day, not to mention the quilt itself. These cheery and whimsical  snow people make us more appreciative of  nature's beauty in winter.  We recognize some of them from the pattern in Quiltmania No. 80 in Nov/Dec 2010 (for a photo of that quilt click here.)

Close up, Sew Fine Snowmen by Michelle Howe

Michelle's echo quilting and spirals pattern give a great sense of snowflakes swirling in wind as they float towards the ground.  Who can resist these adorable faces, which would brighten even the gloomiest day?   (Note: a free "Welcome Friends and Flakes" stitchery pattern by Jan Wilde can be found at Mulberry Street.)

Elegant Christmas by Linda Bergmann, quilted by Lin Squires

A ribbon winner in the category of Medium Size Quilts-Various Techniques at the 2014 River City Quilters' Guild Show, Linda notes, "All the blocks were embroidered individually on the embroidery machine. I love making Christmas quilts. This one is for my granddaughters."   Linda has included an array of holiday motifs, including words, in her unique and colorful design.

Close up, Elegant Christmas by Linda Bergmann

Richly textured fabrics and detailed embellishments give Linda's quilt a luxurious look.  The shimmering embroidery threads add to the overall elegant effect here.

Christmas Friendship Stars by Alice Morgan , quilted by Janell Dobbs

Here's another Christmas quilt that caught our eye from this year's River City Quilters Guild Show. Alice notes, "My friend, Bev Maertz, made a quilt with this pattern, and I used it for inspiration for this new little Christmas quilt." We love the candy-cane striped binding which gives extra sparkle and personality to this traditional pattern.  Alice has done an excellent job of selecting contrasting and pleasing fabrics which highlight the four- pointed friendship stars.

Close up, Christmas Friendship Stars by Alice Morgan, quilted by Janell Dobbs

All sorts of fun graphics were fussy-cut for the center of these blocks. The graceful spiral quilting pattern is a nice complement to the angular blocks. We admired Alice's  accurate workmanship in getting all the corners of the half-square and quarter-square triangles to match !

Image credits:  Photo were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. These are all so beautiful!

  2. Christmas designs are just so beautiful... makes me feel so festive and happy :)
    I love the close up photo's they show exactly how much work has gone into these designs.
    Thank You for this wonderful festive display :)
    Smiles :)

  3. Great inspiration! Love the snowflakes, and that very colorful I Spy.


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