Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best of the 2015 World Quilt Show in Florida (part 1)

Florida's World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach is a great event to attend, amidst the warmth and sunshine,  while most of  the U.S.A. shivers under winter's blanket. We marveled at all the spectacular quilts from around the globe!  Planet Earth indeed holds a huge variety of wonderful quilting talent. We're happy to be sharing this series of photos from Florida.

Miyabi, 105 x 88"by Matsuko Shiraishi, Japan

Matsuko says, "This quilt is made from a traditional Japanese bridal costume. I want to express of feeling of Miyabi through this quilt. Miyabi is a feeling of elegance and sorrow. To represent [Miyabi], I reformed the log cabin pattern to a rose shape and expressed sorrow through my color choices. Weddings are ceremonies that have these two emotions." Matsuko's stately and elegant  kimono pattern, all done in silk, is almost 9 feet long- one of the tallest quilts we've ever seen in a show.

Close up, Miyabi by Matsuko Shiraishi

Matsuko adds about her original design, "I hope these rose pattern [blocks made out of ] wedding dresses expressed these emotions well." This stunning work is machine pieced and machine quilted.

In the Mughal's Midnight Garden, 84 x 57", by Hazel Foot, New Zealand

Blue ribbon winner for Best Use of Color-Traditional Quilts, Hazel writes of her original design,  "[This quilt was] inspired by a photo taken in India of stonework on a heritage building. The quilt uses the bright colors of the women's saris to evoke the energy and vibrancy of India. " Through subtle yet stunning gradations of hues, Hazel's work is spectacular.

Close up, In the Mughal's Midnight Garden by Hazel Foot

Hazel continues, "The flower motifs are mainly silks with shot cottons, cut on the bias for the trellis work. The piece is machine applied and machine quilted with hand embellishment in the center." For more information about Hazel Foot, please see her biography for the 2015 Quilt Symposium Manawatu.

My Brothers I Seek, 63 x 46",  by Shani Leser, Israel

Blue ribbon winner for Best of Country (Israel), Shani notes, "Watching these three brothers, listening to their music and their laughter, I was captivated by the energy that flowed between them.... It brought to mind the biblical story of Joseph searching for his brothers and for brotherhood...."my brothers I seek".

Close up, My Brothers I Seek by Shani Leser

Shani created her original design with machine raw edge stitching with zigzag stitch and machine quilting. She used pastel crayons to enhance the face and the hands.   We admire the thread painting, which adds so much to the ethereal light and shadow effect of her work.

Grandmother- Sisters' Garden, 88 x 96", by Jocelyn Thornton, New Zealand

Jocelyn notes, "Both [of my] grandmothers and my sister plant flowers. I sew them, planted in a trellis border fabric. The back is pieced from fabrics bought with the border for a quilt top."  This split complementary color scheme, with its radiant periwinkle, lavender, and yellow-gold tones, creates a lovely floral bouquet pattern.

Close up, Grandmother Sisters' Garden by Jocelyn Thornton

Jocelyn adds, "[These] flowers are hand sewn and machine quilted with guidance and help from Sharon Perry, who designed more hexagon patterns especially for this quilt. We used a computer-driven longarm machine owned by Sue Burnett, who gave us the use of it."

Jocelyn's work provides a cheery and colorful touch of springtime to the viewer's eye. In this close-up photo you can see the fussy-cut hexagons that make up the "flowers". The quilt reminds us of a one-block-wonder combined with a Grandmother's flower garden design.

Fireball, 48 x 48",  by Candice L. Phelan,  Florida, U.S.A.

Of her original design, Candice explains, " [This is] fourth in a series of luminescent spheres." Candice started with the lightest fabric, the white highlight, then worked outward to the deeper orange tones. In Candice's You Tube video, she provides an excellent explanation of her fascinating work.

Close up, Fireball by  Candice L. Phelan,  Florida, USA

Candice continues, "It is machine raw-edge appliqued, thread-painted, and machine quilted, using variegated, metallic, and iridescent threads." She used over 3,300 pieces of 1 1/8 inch fabric circles, hand-dyed in 8 different hues. This is one of the most innovative and original creations we saw at the World Quilt Show.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. These are so beautiful - thank you for sharing them. Sadly, they make my feeble attempts at quilting look extremely amateurish. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Those quilts are amazing and inspiring.

  3. Thank you so much. ALL wow quilts. 2 from NZ - that makes me proud, as a New Zealander ( Kiwi ) I have seen Hazel's quilt in person and loved the fabrics. ( I am lucky enough to have been to a weekend course with her. She is a wonderful calm, helpful Tutor., and very creative person.)
    Awaiting Part 2.


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